Socialist Seattle Council member faces recall for abusing office — alleged


Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant is an openly radical Democrat Socialist who is partly responsible for the sad state the city finds itself in today. Her views are to the left of the Communist Party USA.

During the unrest over the summer, Sawant let a mob of protesters into city hall after hours and participated in a march to the mayor’s home. Now she is facing a recall effort, Fox News reports.

She gave out the mayor’s address and the lunatics put graffiti all over her house. The groups she supports — Antifa, BLM — are violent communist anarchists.

Sawant continually violates her oath. She is probably tied to most of the violence in Seattle. She is very interested in overthrowing capitalism, and she spends her time working on that by any means necessary. The woman is an insurgent.

She also played a key role in the demonization of police in Seattle.

Sawant is getting huge donations to protect herself during this bitter political fight.

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