Speaker Pelosi Will NOT Denounce Attacks on Pro-Life Churches & Clinics


During her weekly press conference yesterday, a reporter asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) about Democrats’ failure to condemn attacks on pro-life churches and pregnancy centers. In her callous response, Pelosi iterated that women have the right to choose when it comes to bodily autonomy. She will not denounce it.

Catholic Pelosi with the Pope

The woman’s evil, and not the great Catholic she pretends to be.


The Speaker DID NOT denounce fire bombs or vandalism, instead elaborated on her pro-abortion agenda.

Guy Benson wrote: Wow. She pushed right past the terrorist attacks against pro-life organizations & launched a full-throated defense of abortion, calling herself “very Catholic,” citing Ireland. Would she vote to adopt Ireland’s abortion law? No chance. Pathetic performance.


So, can we assume that she thinks this is justice? If someone gets killed or clinics go out of business, she will remain unaccountable. That is the way it works.

A coalition of pro-life organizations sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland Thursday demanding action to address the recent wave of pro-abortion terrorism and intimidation.

He has said and done nothing despite months of attacks. He’s not the great moral person he pretends to be. In all fairness, however, he is busy with all those invisible white supremacists.

In a letter organized by the non-profit CatholicVote, 25 pro-life leaders, mostly think tank presidents, called the Justice Department’s attention to the many attacks on pregnancy centers, churches, and even Supreme Court justices that have occurred since the Dobbs majority opinion leak last month, National Review reports.

He’s evil too.

The pro-choice group “Jane’s Revenge” has recently taken credit for attacks on pro-life organizations, including the attack on Wisconsin Family Action last month and throwing red paint on a crisis pregnancy center in Washington, D.C. last week.

“We call on you to publicly condemn these unlawful attacks; to commit to vigorous efforts to prevent them, and to investigate and prosecute them,” the letter reads. “And to proactively engage with the affected faith communities to ensure their concerns and security needs are being met,” the groups wrote in the conclusion of their Friday letter, Fox News reports.

If you ever doubted what these people are, you know now. And Antifa and Black Lives Matter are their Brownshirts. You’ve been warned.

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