Stanford: DEI’s “Bizarre Therapy Sessions from Hell” as Judge Is Shouted Down


Stanford law students shouted down Judge Kyle Duncan of the 5th Circuit while he was trying to lecture. Stanford invited him in to speak. In came an Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as students insulted the Judge with rapid-fire speech. The Dean talked down to the Judge for ten minutes. It’s a bizarre exchange.

Mark Sexton commented on the event. “Stanford should be appalled at this room of childish idiots but is proud instead. Judge is invited, then heckled, and a “dean of diversity” shows up to give a passive aggressive, condescending lecture to him, like the emotionally unstable imbecile she is.”

The Free Beacon reports that Judge Duncan says the protesters behaved like “dogsh*t.” Duncan told the Beacon that the students should be disciplined and the DEI Assoc. Dean should be fired for this “bizarre therapy session from hell.”

Nearly a hundred students violated Stanford’s free speech policy and acted rudely and ignorantly. They’re proud of themselves, which is a sad commentary on the types of students they now accept at Stanford.

Tirien Steinbach, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Stanford Law School
The DEI Dean

Tirien Steinbach, the school’s DEI dean, was called in as the student’s began their harassment. She told the Judge his decisions cause “harm.”

“Your opinions from the bench land as absolute disenfranchisement” of the students’ rights, Steinbach said, accusing him of “tearing the fabric of this community.”

“Do you have something so incredibly important to say,” she asked him, that it is worth the “division of these people?”

Democrats are authoritarians

Stanford is breeding communist revolutionaries. Democrats once defended free speech. They marched at Stanford for free speech. But now they want to silence speech and run every word through a narrow WOKE prism. They’ve gone mad.

Tripp Whitbeck wrote about the Dean on Twitter. “The woman who says “You’re scum” to a federal judge at ~8 minutes is just breathtaking. These aren’t “open minds.” I also particularly love the guy in the front row who asks – before the “Dean” speaks whether Judge Duncan “just wants an echo chamber.” Ah, irony… “Inclusion” at #Stanford Law.”

Watch this display of immature students and a DEI Dean who don’t have an argument with which to debate him, so they insult him and drown him out:

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