Teacher Fired From Grace Church School for Questioning WOKE


Paul Rossi, a teacher at the Grace Church School in Manhattan, was suspended in April last year for challenging the WOKE curriculum in a zoom call with staff and students. The math teacher was later canceled after parents and students said they were uncomfortable and wanted their children removed from his class.

Who are these people?

The canceled teacher wanted to allow his students to challenge the orthodoxy during an all-white segregated zoom call. The moderator told the children they were oppressors promoting the white supremacy culture. Virtues like merit and hard work were denigrated. It’s unbelievable. These people are sick and don’t know it.

The tuition for the school is $60,000 a year. In March of last year, the head of the school, George P. Davison, passed around a 12-page WOKE manual. In it, the school suggests not calling parents ‘mom and dad.’ They want you to call them ‘grownups, folks, or family.’ Instead of ‘Merry Christmas,’ they are to say ‘Happy Holidays, Have a great break.’  No more ‘boys and girls, guys, ladies, and gentlemen,’ but you can say ‘people folks, friends, readers, and mathematicians.’

This is Grace CHURCH School.

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