The American Insurrection of Jan. 6…Wait…Jan. 6?


The Jan. 6 “insurrection involved hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters, a small number of rioters, and some who paraded through the Capitol after the Capitol police admitted them. Karine Jean-Pierre dubbed it the worst crisis since the Civil War. Yet, the real insurrection began with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden began the American Insurrection upon his election. He opened the US borders to the world and calls the goal a “humanitarian” one.  Asylum now means admitting everyone who wants to come here from anywhere, especially if they hail from terrorist, cartel-led and poor nations.

The efforts the administration has made with the border is to cancel Title 42, the last rule allowing Border Patrol to send some of the people pouring in illegally back across the border.

As immigrants die or are forced to sleep in the streets, the administration proceeds with its humanitarian mission without end.

ICE can’t do its job of catching criminal aliens because they’re allowed to come in without limit also.

Jennifer Quigley wrote in The New York Times, “We can’t claim mission accomplished. There are still too many vulnerable people abroad.”

The people abroad are the people of Afghanistan, who must all be allowed to come to the US. It will include the Taliban and other warlords.

The twenty years of fighting and billions or trillions spent in a failed effort to bring their culture into the 21st century wasn’t enough.

Biden is protecting borders in Ukraine, Nepal, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman with trillions of US dollars printed and borrowed from enemies.

He supports the “love” that gender surgeries show for minors and the microaggressions in words like “American.” It upturns our society from pro-family and pro-America to something entirely different.

The Bidens make incredible deals with China and Ukraine. Unfortunately, the deals are for them, not the US.

Intelligence agencies use their counterespionage tools against Americans to rig elections and our politics. Influencing elections with propaganda sounds like insurrection.

Inflation is still about three times higher than the pre-pandemic average. Rising less than expected is touted as a good thing. The media praises how gloriously it has moderated while grocery bills soar.

We now see 401Ks heading for ESG governance. Betsy McCaughey calls it a heist. It could raid your retirement for the WOKE agenda.

The housing market is drying up as young people are shut out. Biden’s shifting our energy market to Venezuela. They can drill oil, but we can’t. When the US goes to solar and wind energy, it will shift to Chinese Communists who make all the necessary parts.

That sounds more like an insurrection than January 6, which, by the way, couldn’t compare to the George Floyd riots run by self-described communist anarchists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They caused $2 bilion in damages, and left 25 people dead, some were police officers.

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