The Framing of Donald Trump


Robert Mueller’s Russiagate hatchet man, Andy Weissman, believes Donald Trump will be indicted. There are reasons to believe he is correct. The Left appears to be framing the former president of the United States so he can be indicted. They could even make this the October surprise.


Andrew Weissman’s prediction is based on his belief that the former president lied about having returned all requested documents. Weissman says Donald Trump deliberately withheld documents. However, in early June, the FBI knew those documents were there.

“I have to say. When I read this today, my big overarching takeaway is – and I know this is just a prediction and speculation – but I say it’s an educated one, is that the former president is going to be prosecuted,” Weissman said.

You don’t have to be a genius to predict this. Liz Cheney has been screaming it out from the Beria-style J6 panel. She has been framing Donald Trump with a one-sided committee.

Democrats are demanding the former president’s prosecution. There is no reason to believe that the corrupt DOJ won’t do it. Everything the Left and Joe Biden have done are to create division to get us to this point. While shouting about love, they spread hate.


What is the case based on, and are they framing Donald Trump? That is the question investigative reporter Paul Sperry tries to answer.

“The FBI understood conducting a raid of a former president’s home was not only politically radioactive but also legally dicey, because according to the just-unsealed affidavit, it assembled a separate team of agents to be on alert for “attorney-client privileged information” found in Trump’s office and to segregate it for “review,” Sperry wrote on Gettr. “It is not clear what they did with communications they found between Trump and his attorneys, which would cover a variety of issues, including his business empire, and be voluminous.

Donald Trump requested a special master of records seized by the FBI during the raid and a halt to the document review until the master is recorded. An FBI privilege review team is currently reviewing the documents seized.

In addition, the partisan US intelligence community will measure the national security risks of former President Donald Trump possessing top secret documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, The Washington Times reports.

As Paul Sperry said, it’s unclear where the “scene of the alleged crime” is – DC or Florida. Getting a DC jury to indict would be easy, but not so easy in Florida.

Framing Donald Trump

Mr. Sperry poses a reasonable scenario. “Joe Biden appears to have set Trump up to exposure to laws against mishandling classified information by denying him continued intelligence briefings as is customary for ex-presidents, a ban that effectively de-activated Trump’s presidential SCIF at Mar-a-Lago, which is why the FBI affiant for the search warrant expressly & repeatedly stated in his unsealed affidavit that–“currently”–there’s no “authorized” storage spaces at Trump’s estate, which in turn made his possession of such info allegedly “unauthorized” –“at least since the end of FPOTUS’s presidential administration on Jan. 20, 2021.” IOW, if Trump had continued to receive intel briefings at Mar-a-Lago as he had as president (& as FPOTUS Obama & Clinton get), the FBI may have no criminal case.”

“The Biden DOJ maintains it had to redact two-thirds of the paragraphs in the signed portion of the affidavit (sans exhibit and attachments) to avoid “harm” to “investigative sources and methods.” But how much of blacking out the document was really to avoid harming sources and methods, and how much was to avoid harming the reputations of the FBI, DOJ, and the magistrate judge who approved the unprecedented and outrageously heavy-handed raid on a former president’s home?,” Sperry asks.

We don’t know.


Sperry wonders why they allowed the documents to be stored at Mar-a-Lago if it was so dangerous.

“In a June 8 letter, DOJ requested documents Trump had stored in a room at Mar-a-Lago “be preserved in that room until further notice” — even though it said the room was not a “secure location.” DOJ did not ask that Trump transport the documents to NARA or to the FBI. It asked only that he KEEP them there in that insecure room, which would indicate DOJ was not concerned at that time the documents were at risk of being compromised.

“Why would DOJ, in a June 8 letter, direct Trump’s lawyer to keep the disputed records at Mar-a-Lago “preserved in that room until further notice” instead of turning them over to the National Archives? If the goal truly was to recover the records for the Archives, and not to set Trump up or entrap him in a criminal sting operation, why would DOJ not just remand the additional boxes to the custody of NARA?

  1. In a June 8 letter, DOJ ordered Trump to keep his records indefinitely “preserved in that room” at Mar-a-Lago, even though it claimed “Mar-a-Lago does not include a secure location authorized for the storage of classified information,” which might make those records potentially unsafe.
  2. Then on Aug 5, the FBI told the magistrate judge, as part of its evidence of alleged criminal activity by Trump, that “There is probable cause to believe that documents containing classified NDI and presidential records remain at the premises”–even though just two months earlier DOJ had told Trump to keep such records “preserved in that room.” (Of course, they remained there!) Why did the FBI try to criminalize what DOJ ordered Trump to do?

[Did they plan this and frame him?]


Paul Sperry said the FBI warrant made critical errors. The warrant states that they don’t think any spaces are approved. “I do not believe that any spaces within the PREMISES have been authorized for the storage of classified information.” This finding, which is the linchpin of the criminal case vs. Trump, overlooks the fact that:

  1. White House records confirm that a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) authorizing the briefing and storage of classified material up to the TS/SCI level had in fact, been installed at Mar-a-Lago; and,
  2. records show that the Secret Service had recently awarded a nearly $600,000 contract to upgrade physical security within the premises at Mar-a-Lago for Trump’s post-presidency transition

(We saw the list by Paul Sperry first at The Liberty Daily)

Nowhere does it flat-out say “classified information” was found in Trump’s 15 boxes. that is NOWHERE.
  1. On page 2, it refers only to docs “with classification markings,” which raises the specter they were no longer classified.
  2. It states the docs “appear” to contain National Defense Information. But agents “triaged” the boxes; they would know if they contain NDI or not.
  3. The affiant claimed “there is probable cause to believe evidence of obstruction will be found at the premises.” Yet there’s no “obstruction” header or section spelling out why he believes this.
  4. He said he doesn’t believe “any spaces” w/in Mar-a-Lago are “currently” authorized for storage of classified info. So they were, but not “currently”?

This isn’t only about Donald Trump. Biden and his leftists also rip into Ron DeSantis and any Republican who attempts to make America first. They will censor anyone on the right wing while promoting lunatics like Joe Biden.

They are framing you and will frame anyone who gets in their way.

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