The Great Irish Reset – Killing Farms Off


Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue will soon impose an emissions cut of around 28 percent on farmers, according to a report by The Times.

McConalogue already agreed to force a 27 or 28 percent cut on the country’s farming sector, a move that will disrupt local businesses. It will do tremendous damage to farms.

Meadow with cabin and farm animals

The publication adds that there is still significant pressure on McConalogue to implement a curb of 30 percent, a measure the head of one of the country’s largest farming organizations has said would result in a massive cut in cattle numbers in the country.

“A target of 30 percent would result in significantly reduced production, which could devastate the farming sector in Ireland,” Irish Farmers’ Association president Tim Cullinan has said regarding such a move.

The 28 percent is also awful.

This is happening throughout Europe and in countries like Sri Lanka, Ghana, and others.

We mentioned it before, but people need to understand that this is part of The Great Reset movement. The elites of the World Economic Forum plan to reset the world with farms that can’t use carbon-based fertilizers and insecticides and have to kill up to 50 percent of their cattle.

This is degrowth and regressive politics, that is only remotely tied to science.

Ireland is farmland, and there isn’t much else except for pubs, sightseeing, and computer technology. This will destroy them.

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