The Problem with Drag Queens and Mr. LoGreco


The Problem with Drag Queens

Progressives are using drag queens to change the culture of America.  They’re perfect for the job. If you criticize them, you are accused of homophobia. Don’t mention that their whole schtick is to perform lewd dance routines, or they will tell you they’re innocents dressed in colorful and creative costumes. If a nonbinary lunatic kills innocent gay people in a bar, it’s somehow the Republicans’ fault because they criticized them for changing the culture.

Drag queens are wittingly or unwittingly warriors in a battle that people must address. They are culture warriors for the progressive left.

HBO recently decided to send drag queens into the small deep red town of Granbury, Texas, which is mostly Christian conservative.

The drag queens are starring in an HBO special. One episode was filmed in Granbury. They also marched in their July 4th parade. There was a lot of opposition, mostly online, the director Peter LoGreco said.

The Art of Drag

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported:

“We’re Here” is a show on HBO that follows a trio of drag queens — Shangela, Eureka O’Hara, and Bob the Drag Queen — as they visit small towns hoping to empower and inspire the community through the art of drag, LoGreco said. It returns for its third season Friday, with the episode filmed in Granbury and five more episodes each Friday after that.

“It’s not just a show about drag queens; it’s in your face in small conservative towns,” former Republican State Rep. Mike Lang said on an episode of the Blue Shark Show on Youtube that aired earlier this summer. “It’s kind of like, you know, HBO saying: ‘The heck with you conservative towns we’re bringing this to you and in your face’.” Lang’s co-host and Republican activist, Nathan Criswell, agreed: “They’re doing it just to show everybody that they can because it’s almost like, haha, we’re gonna do whatever we want … There’s nothing you can do to stop this. Or is there?”

They’re wrong. It’s not a one-up. This is about normalizing drag queens’ lifestyles. They’re not an abomination. They deserve to “be themselves” without being insulted. However, when they use it to change the culture and indoctrinate kids, that’s a bridge too far.

In the show’s trailer, they have teen boys dressing up, and having fun. That’s also how indoctrination can begin. It’s not always innocent fun, IMHO. Am I too cynical?

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Screenshot from LoGreco drag queen show. Subtle sexualization
The Big Lie

The people who came were reportedly very nice, and we don’t doubt it. Why wouldn’t they be? They say they want acceptance. However, LoGreco then lied for the article, “It was not hard for the crew of the HBO show to hear stories of culture battles around LGBTQ as they searched for suitable cities to feature. They read about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, protesters and counter-protesters showing up at drag events, and LGBTQ books being banned in school libraries — including at Granbury Independent School District.”

The Florida law is not a “Don’t say gay” law. The law doesn’t even mention the word “gay.” It bans indoctrination of any kind in grades K-3. As for the banned books, they are pedo books and books that sexualize children. In Virginia, they put the disgusting books on display in the library next to the bible. DeGreco forgot to mention that.

Progressives want to normalize people who perform lewd and vulgar dance routines, often filled with sexual innuendo. Now, these same people are holding vulgar performances for “all ages.”

Some like to dress like Satan.

Don’t be fooled. This is indoctrination about extreme lifestyles and the normalization of abnormal sexualization of children. Many have vulgar names in case they’ve been too subtle. It’s a path to normalizing mental problems.

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1 year ago

If you criticize a Drag Queen, you are not homophobic, you’re pointing out a mentally ill person preying on young children and trying to indoctrinate your children into a universally morally questionable lifestyle that have been looked down upon by the majority of societies throughout human history. Society does not have to accept their displays of vulgarity in public or in front of minors.