They Are Openly Telling Us They Are Dismantling the West


Alex Newman of USA Watchdog continues to cover the COP28 scam.

The  US and EU are destroying themselves by destroying our energy sector, which is key to our wealth and national security. At the same time, the Chinese and Arabs are making oil deals.

“The thing that really jumped out at me with this whole UN COP28 summit, my big takeaway,” Mr. Newman said, “is they were talking about phasing out carbon emissions and phasing out fossil fuels, but that’s just for the suckers in the Western world.

“That’s just the United States under Joe Biden.  That’s just for the European Union under their treacherous leaders.

“The communist Chinese, the Arab dictatorships, the Russians, and all the different socialist kleptocracies were literally making oil deals at this summit.”

Alex Newman confronted US Senators. They will allow this to happen.

“I confronted multiple U.S. Senators about this.  I said, hey, the communist Chinese are bringing two new coal-fired power plants online every single week.

“The Chinese CO2 emissions are massively larger than those of the entire Western world combined.  Are you saying we need to jump off a cliff and beg the Chinese to jump after us?”

“And the response was, yeah, we are going to ask them real nice.  Give me a break.

“They all understand this is a scam.  They want to deindustrialize the Western world.  They want to shift economic and, ultimately, military power away from the United States and what used to be known as the ‘Free World’ towards the other pole in this multipolar world order that they are building, especially Beijing.

The third-world kleptocracies are going to play ball with the New World Order…”

Alex Newman Found That The UN plans to brainwash the youth.

We actually got there on the COP28 ‘Education Day.’  The first ad I saw said ‘Education Transformation COP28.’  This was a huge part of the festivities.  They are openly telling us that they are going to brainwash the next generation of Americans, Germans, Japanese, South Koreans, and the West to believe this hoax with all their heart. . . .

“The brainwashing of our children and the dumbing down of our children is the most significant weapon in their arsenal.

They will never be able to get this to pass unless they can brainwash enough of our children…

“We’ve got to protect our kids.  If we don’t stop the brainwashing of our kids, it’s all over.”

By the way, Russia and China are funding green groups in the United States. They also believe no one can stop this, not Trump, no one. Don’t believe that. We will stop it. They are trying to destroy Christendom, and we must have faith that they cannot do that.

They are very clear about depopulation. Gates openly says we need to control the population.

There is much more here:

Tucker addressed this on his show.

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1 month ago

So is the biden administration, openly committing treason.

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The rules are that they have to have said that they’re committing treason before they can be charged with treason.

And the entire biden administration, all cabinet members have publicly stated, numerous times, we’re taking over the government, in the name of globalism and open boarders. They’re caught red handed in act of treason.

John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

Once people understand they will suffer economically this entire climate scam will collapse;otherwise, the people will abandon our so-called “democracy” and establish governments that will crush the work, communist liberals and their insane schemes. It’s going to backfire on them and the consequences for the Left will be their annihilation.