Tucker responds to Roger Stone’s biased attack-Judge


Roger Stone’s judge went after Tucker Carlson earlier today during a Stone hearing. She wants to silence Tucker Carlson the way she silenced Roger Stone.

She apparently didn’t like him calling the foreperson of Stone’s jury, Tameka Hart, an anti-Trump zealot.

Jackson was a bit threatening, claiming Tucker was harassing or intimidating Hart. All he did was describe her vicious tweets before she became a juror. It’s especially concerning since Hart appeared to have lied on her questionnaire over exactly that.

Jackson said, “Tucker Carlson accused the foreperson of the jury of being an anti-Trump zealot…Any attempts to invade the privacy of the jurors or to harass or intimidate them is completely antithetical to our system of justice.”

No one invaded this woman’s privacy.

Tucker did not back down, calling her a “disgrace.” He said she is “corrupt” and an “authoritarian’ with” no self-awareness.’

Tucker and Judge Jeanine both responded:

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