Tyrant Eric Garcetti booed by limited crowd at Dodgers Game


Eric Garcetti has ruined Los Angeles. He’s a tyrant who doesn’t really follow science. However, he does follow the corrupt left-wing CDC and Dr. Fauci.

He limited the crowd at the Dodgers’ game to a ridiculous level this week and was booed for it.

Fauci told Business Insider that his behavior has changed only slightly since getting the vaccine. He has small gatherings with social distancing at home but rejects crowds and people who are maskless. He won’t travel or go to a movie theater and no bars or restaurants for him.

So why get the vaccine? He’s not sending a good message or encouraging people to get it.

The arbitrary percentages of how many people can go to a restaurant are also ridiculous. Why 25% if they can social distance with a higher percentage?

Our politicians are morons and our CDC is corrupted by ideology.

Watch the booing:

Garcetti is there for his pals, however. He let a movie company set up dining outside where they were filming which was feet from a restaurant he shuttered.

The LA mayor has banned walking, driving, doing everything. The despot told Angelenos to wear masks all the time, which is quite unnecessary.

Meanwhile, he welcomes COV-infested people to pour in illegally.

And his COV numbers continue to rise.

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