UVA’s cowardly administrators allow the tarnishing of the school


The once-elite University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, is now allowing garbage like the image you see on this tweet below. It is vulgar and it overlooks the historic lawn. The person who put it up obviously has little respect or appreciation for the right to study at UVA or for traditions.

It’s not only vulgar, it’s wrong. The University does not stand for any of these things. The moron who put the sign up will never benefit from his/her education.

The cowardly administrators allow this disrespectful behavior. What a travesty.


UVA canceled the 21-gun salute in honor of veterans on Veterans’ Day because they claim it’s gun violence.

They are taking in students who shouldn’t be in the school. One fool called the statue of Jefferson, a symbol of white supremacy. Students wanted to ban Christmas.

Then there were the phony rape scandals fomented by leftists.

Do not send your children to UVA unless it’s the math or sciences or med school and we don’t mean the fake sciences like social science.



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