VA teacher blasts school board for the racist indoctrination of children


A teacher in the brief clip below brutally calls out the contemptible Critical Race Theory indoctrination in Loudoun County Schools. Loudoun County is generally far-left.

President Trump banned Critical Race Theory from staff training in the federal government but ‘barely there Biden’ brought it back and made it mandatory.

It’s evil and it’s racist.

We have quite a number of stories about it here on the website, but it is Christopher Rufo who is trying to stop it. It’s in the school curriculum — K-12 and college — in many towns and cities of our nation, and it’s in private industry staff training.

Two articles are here and here. The core message is all whites are racist devils who are prejudiced by age three months. All whites are white supremacists unless they accept this theory and white supremacy is everywhere. All whites are privileged and must surrender their privilege by becoming inferior. Everything must be seen through the lens of race. Oh, and Black people can never be racist.


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