Washington D.C. Trial Date Set for Former President Donald Trump


Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan set the date for Donald Trump’s trial in the case involving his challenge to the 2020 election. The trial date will be March 4th, in the middle of campaign season. It is the day before Super Tuesday and is the very definition of election interference.

Chutkan, a highly compromised judge, said she considered President Trump’s requests and special counsel Jack Smith’s request but did not consider President Trump’s personal or professional circumstances.

Jack Smith, hitman

Jack Smith brought four charges against President Trump on August 1st, including a conspiracy to obstruct the collection and counting of electoral votes and conspiracy against American’s right to vote. The charges were concocted just for Donald Trump.

The indictments rely on prosecutors convincing a jury that Donald Trump was lying and knew he was lying about the election being stolen. Apparently, it’s illegal to lie – if you’re a Republican. If President Trump is sentenced in March, it will most certainly affect the election.

It looks like Democrats want to influence the election so that Mad Joe Biden can be re-elected. Jack Smith wanted a trial date of December of this year or January of next year.

The prosecutor handed over some 12.8 million documents and files to the defense. Sixty percent of the material came from people tied to Trump, and the prosecutor claims that it means his lawyers don’t have to go over the documents as thoroughly as they normally would.

Of course, that’s absurd, as his lawyers stated. Prosecutors began collecting this stuff months ago, and they are using material collected over the years by the J6 panel. They undoubtedly got some of it from the J6 panel, which has conveniently lost a lot of their documents at this point.

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