WH Senior Advisor: Americans Want Mass Amnesty/Citizenship


For some reason, Democrats think that giving amnesty to people here illegally and married to Americans with a three-year path to citizenship is a big vote-getter. Perhaps they are right.

Far-left Senior Adviser to Biden, Tom Perez, said he believes this action won’t incentivize people to come illegally. He claims he is of the belief that Americans want mass amnesty, and doesn’t believe the polls.

Perez is intelligent, and there is no way he believes this, but he thinks you’re stupid and will believe it.

He also said, “We need to control our border, and we’ve done that through the executive actions.”

There is zero control of our border, and dangerous people are pouring across.

The administration is breaking the law with this latest executive action. They are writing their own laws from the White House.


Co-host Mary Louise Kelly asked, “So, what is it that Republicans like…Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is missing? Because they do not support this. He’s come out with a statement today calling this an ‘election-year border charade’ and raising the fear that this will ‘incentivize more illegal immigration and endanger Americans.’ How do you persuade people like Speaker Johnson, others who may share his view, that this is the best path forward?”

Perez answered, “Well, we live in a world where some people like to create false choices, we either secure the border or we help people. If we help people who’ve been here 23 years, somehow, that’s going to be a magnet? I just don’t buy that. And we have to remove these false choices. The President firmly believes in balance. We need to control our border, and we’ve done that through the executive actions. And we need to provide pathways to opportunity.”


Perez claims it’s legal, but it’s not. It may be popular, but it’s illegal. This must go through Congress. They should also be screened. If they are criminals, do we want them?

As far as the workforce, do it legally.

What he wants here is for these people, all 500,000 of them, to vote for Democrats in a country where the last election was decided by only 40,000 people.

We are a nation, not a nation of immigrants. The right thing to do is do it legally through Congress. He clearly wants a one-party permanent electoral majority so they can dictate our future in every sector, and they will let foreigners decide that future.

Perez is the man who doesn’t like churches influencing people and fundraises for Democrats in Mexico.

The full spiel:

If you vote for Democrats, you will have eternal open borders, foreigners deciding the future, a collapsed economy; rules leveled through the White House alone, a stacked court, no electoral college, no constitutional Republic, rules about not owning guns, what you can eat, say and do and where you can do it. Also, your small children will be sexualized. And, White Republicans will be blamed for everything that’s wrong as rampant crime continues.

How am I wrong?

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