What We Know So Far About the El Paso Killer’s Tweets


It makes me sick to write about this. All I see are the dead in the street that were on a video I did link to but didn’t post. However, we do want to correct the record. This is the story the left is grabbing onto for their agenda and they aren’t content with the truth. They are lying to make it even worse.

The killer murdered 20 people from two years of age to people in their eighties. He seriously injured 26 people. It shouldn’t be immediately politicized as it was. And people shouldn’t be lying about any of it.

Twitter is allowing #TrumpsTerrorists to trend and at the time it had only 1700 tweets as this Twitter user mentions. Twitter is fake and it is manipulated. Most of the control comes from the left. They are even posting fake Tweets and a fake Twitter profile. Since the profiles for the three Patrick Crusius’s are suspended or taken down, it’s hard for people to factcheck, but we kept the screenshots.


The left is eager to tie the killer to Dylan Roof, David Duke, and other lunatics, further dividing us.

That alleged profile came via The Washington Press and it’s false.


There were three Patrick Crusius’ up yesterday. Only one could possibly be him, but the photo is too dark to be sure. Also, it looks nothing like the photo attached to the manifesto. And the manifesto photo looks nothing like the photo of the murderer sitting in the police car. Therefore, we can’t say if the manifesto or the tweets are the killer’s tweets.

The real tweets stopped two years ago and there were very few. He did support Trump at the time, but dear folks, that doesn’t mean Trump is responsible for his crimes.

This is what was on the front of the profile. The whole Chinese language thingy he has going is confusing. Also questionable is the fact that his tweets — potentially his tweets — were archived for the first time on August 3rd and again on August 4th. Someone had to do that.

Perhaps he archived them.

He didn’t exchange many tweets with others and it’s unlikely he had any friends. This man appears to have a few personality disorders. That does not necessarily mean he is mentally ill and not responsible for his actions. In fact, he is almost certainly responsible for his actions.

If these are his, one has to wonder if he was abused in some way.


This next fake news is infuriating since the police were so courageous in all of these shootings. They’re heroes. They ran to the gunfire while everyone else was running away.

They are also comparing his arrest to that of Eric Garner. The difference, of course, is the shooter didn’t resist and Garner did, for quite a while. Garner was a small-time criminal with a long rap sheet, one was a sexual offense.

This ‘Bishop’ is a separatist, but it’s not just him. Many are posting this.

We don’t yet know if the manifesto and tweets were authored by the killer, but if they are, he was not only a one-time Trump supporter, he was politically all over the place. The left is only repeating what they want you to see, but he had many cultural Marxist ideals — if that’s him.

The manifesto was written by a hater, a narcissistic megalomaniac, perhaps a sociopath or psychopath.

This is the manifesto photo:

You can view the Twitter photo above, and this is the photo from the police car:

The fact is that racists and anti-immigrant haters come from left and right. That’s the truth. One isn’t pure and the other evil. The right wants legal immigration and many on the left do too.

Social media is fake and the people are often fake. It’s a fake world and does not represent reality.


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