WTH! Socialist Candidate Julie Salazar Caught In Another Lie!


Citizens Union, a left-wing government group, dropped their support for Socialist Julie Salazar over “incorrect information” in her bio. It turns out she didn’t graduate from Columbia University as her bio implied. She has lied about just about everything in her bio from her immigration status to her race to her religion.


She said she was a Jewish immigrant from Colombia but she was born in Miami and is not Jewish. She was arrested for theft once and left all that out of her bio.

It turns out she also lied about graduating from Columbia University. She didn’t graduate and “regrets the error.”

Salazar’s campaign materials had implied she graduated from Columbia University, but when questioned by the New York Times, she said she had completed her coursework but never graduated.

During her time at Columbia, Salazar — now running as a progressive Democrat of Jewish faith who supports abortion rights and the people of Palestine — was a Christian right-to-life activist who supported Israel.

While she had campaigned as a Colombian immigrant, she was born in the United States to an American mother and Colombian father.

Her statements about a working-class upbringing have also been called into question by statements from her brother and mother who said the family did not struggle financially.

In fact, the family owned a home next door to Mets legend Keith Hernandez — and Salazar was embroiled in a bizarre legal battle with the ballplayer and his ex-wife that included a claim of an affair, which Salazar has denied, and a libel lawsuit involving accusations of drug use, bank theft and pilfered Pottery Barn vouchers.


Democrat Party’s Perfect Socialist/Communist Candidate for New York




  1. To be honest, Julie Salazar (if that’s her real name) fits right in with the looney left. What are the odds that she has some kind of multiple personality disorder? What/who will she claim to be the next time around?
    If you’re thinking to yourself, “Surely, you jest.” You’re right but Salazar very much sounds like an Elizabeth Warren alumni.

  2. Opportunists appear in great numbers after other opportunists are seen to win races.

    In corporations, candidates falsify work and education histories to get jobs. It’s a part of AA.

  3. Sounds normal for a leftie. Hey, its worked “fauxahontas”, and several others on the left. Got all the attention, stealing it away from the usual line-up of lefties running this season.

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