Zuckerberg is helping to destroy the country & holidays


We put the Mark Zuckerberg July 4 Instagram clip up this morning. In it, he’s on an electric surfboard holding a US flag. He’s disgusting. This man poured hundreds of millions of dollars into making our elections unfair, tilting them towards Joe Biden. Why? Because he is one of the elite who thinks he has the right to do so.

In the clip, he surfed with a US flag for Independence Day, causing no small amount of stress for all his many victims.

The man is a snake. When he started Facebook, he assured us he firmly believed in free speech. After we gave it our all at Capitalism and the Sentinel, building up two million followers and likes, his fake fact-checkers decided to cancel us. They didn’t even tell us what we did wrong, although we can guess.

Since then, more people have weighed in on Zuck’s BS so we thought we’d share a key response below. Like Facebook, Twitter is looking for people to rat on friends or family. These people are Hitlerian.

This coincides with the DoJ and Biden releasing a fascist document that included a plea to Americans to rat on family and friends if they’re ‘extremists.’ We know what they mean by extremists.

Can we report him and Jack Dorsey as threats to democracy?

Here’s the Facebook rat patrol:

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