Bolshevik AOC goes on a racist rant — white infants are racist


Critical Race Theory sees everything through the lens of race, and only white people, Christians, Jews are racist. They are the cause of all the problems minorities have in our horrid country and black people can’t succeed. All that illogical nonsense goes under the dishonest label of ‘anti-racism’ training. That’s critical race theory in summary.

On that note, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, no genius by any means, now claims racist instincts against minorities begin in the first months of life.

On Monday, Ocasio-Cortez ranted against banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools. She asked Republicans why they did not want students to be taught “anti-racism.”

Henry Rogers, aka Ibram X. Kendi, promotes anti-racism but it’s basically the same as critical race theory and they are both Marxist-based. It goes under the misnomer — anti-racism training.

Democrats are trying to tell us anti-racism requires people to be racist against the non-minorities.

She claimed on CNN that educators must be “fluent in how to dismantle racism.”


“Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary school,” she told CNN host Don Lemon, who thinks Republicans are behind canceling CRT to “win back” suburban Whites by scaring them.

Scaring is what Dems do.

“It is barely taught in law schools, frankly, in the level that it should be taught,” said Ocasio-Cortez, reports Fox News.

“We know that Republicans have started to now use these laws curtailing critical race ‘curriculum,’ that’s not even being taught in the first place, as a proxy to saying we can’t teach anything about race in our schools beyond just some of the most minimal, minimal, minimal facts,” she added.

“We should say why don’t you want our schools to teach anti-racism? Why don’t Republicans want their kids to know the tradition of anti-racism in the United States?” continued Ocasio-Cortez, who appeared to be frustrated by the lack of support for CRT.

She continued, “Why are they attacking the core roots of history in this country that strays anything beyond what we already know? … Why don’t Republicans want us to learn how to not be racist? Why don’t Republicans want kids to know how to not be racist?”

How stupid does she think we are? This isn’t history.

Lemon told the audience that anyone opposed to teaching CRT to children was because they think children are too young to be taught about it, and because “it makes White kids feel bad.”

[Telling white kids they’re inferior racists tends to do that.]

He forgot to mention it makes black kids feel badly too. They think they can’t succeed because of the evil white people.


Ocasio-Cortez suggested that White children learn to develop racist tendencies from infancy.

“Here’s something that we know neuro-cognitively … [Babies] already start to gravitate towards members of their own race when they’re disproportionately exposed to just one race in their life,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It doesn’t mean that babies are racist, but what it means is that we already start to gravitate towards communities and people that we already know we’re acclimated to.”

“Children do not feel guilt about racism when they learn early on what racism is. In fact, children learn to recognize it and can engage in corrective behavior early,” she added.

“Republicans are using these words like critical race theory, which again is a law school curriculum that is not even taught in schools, and their argument is well, some teachers may be exposed to it,” she continued.

“Oh, wow, so your child’s teacher is anti-racist and is actually fluent in how to dismantle racism and the dynamics of racism in a classroom. That is something that teachers should know how to do and Republicans are trying to ban this, are trying to ban us from knowing our own history,” she said.

The CRT leftists are pretending it is history and ban any mention of history without claiming we have racist roots.

Two racists prattle:

The Puritans, Pilgrims, Quakers, and so on were anti-slavery. The country was formed in 1776 with a Constitution that is wholly non-racist. However, they want you to believe the country started in 1619 with slavery. It didn’t. The slaves were sent without permission in 1619 and the settlers didn’t know what to do with them. They made them indentured servants for a few years and then set them free.

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Daniel E Silvan
Daniel E Silvan
2 years ago

The economics major AOC recently was unable to define what Capitalism is. I think she should be more concerned about staying on topic, like teaching law in law school instead of racist CRT. If the people in her voting district re-elect her, they are stupider than she is. I can’t wait for her to disappear.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Why isn’t this moronic dolt locked away in a home some where?????

Mark Nord
Mark Nord
2 years ago

Why don’t we start a movement to receive reparations from black people for the 620,000 white people who died to free them from slavery.. Why does the supposed study that it quoted only reference white baby’s isolated by race become racist. If this is true then does this not also apply to babies of other races?

Definition of racism Merriam -Webster

a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Nowhere does this state that this can only apply to the white race, but everything I have seen involving CRT only applies to white people. I have witnessed videos of teachers teaching CRT. The only thing that I took away from it is it teaches racism and disproportionately tortures white children purposely. The black children take away from it white people are out to get them and they should fear , hate and punish them. That white children hate blacks and think they are better. It teaches white children to fear black people, because they believe blacks fear , hate and want to get them from a viewpoint of vengeance because white people are evil….Young children are capable of understanding these things.. What this is doing is creating racism not dismantling it. The teachers in several videos that i have seen were essentially punishing and singling out white children if they did not admit there racism and in some cases homophobia, In one video the LB GT teacher called the 13 year old student that dared to disagree with her assessment of his natural inherent racism by calling him ” a racist asshole motherf—er.

What is CRT in a nutshell– It is a program created by angry Black people that believe that all white people are racist and kill the soul of black children. So they came up with this Marxist indoctrination method created 120 years ago that breaks down a person by using ( his/her /it/ they / them /xi/zow, purple flower pixie or what ever your chosen gender identification that i am supposed to psychically know so I do offend you and fly into an indignant rage and call me a bigot pronoun) your emotions so that you are more susceptible to being influenced. A psychological trick that is used to hypnosis. In addition to breaking them down they seek to punish white children out a perceived need for vengeance against whites by attacking their children. They use fad peer fear woke morons that have no business or qualifications to expose children to this kind of Psychological attack that can cause life long damage and social chaos. Not to mention reversing the 55 years of progress that MLK initiated ( A very smart man). Instead of teaching children to view others that have a different skin tone as a person. They teach them that whites are oppressing their entire race out a false sense of superiority and blacks that white people are out to get them. CRT is hurting our children of all colors. It ripping off the bandage of the open wound of racism and rubbing raw , when we should be healing it. It is not fixing racism it is creating a worse form of it.

” Do Not Judge a Man by the Color of His Skin , But the Content of His Character. ”

” A man is the sum of his intent, action ,and deeds ”

” Hating is very very easy it is loving that is hard ”

Dogs come in all shapes sizes and colors and people of all colors love dogs. Human beings come in all shapes sizes and colors and we hate each other for it. There is probably a whole galactic civilization waiting all around us waiting for us to grow up. How can we accept aliens species when we cannot even accept our selves. Every morning when you look in the mirror ask yourself “Am I the Problem or the solution to the problem..?

DD More
DD More
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark Nord

Excellent post.
Add – “what it means is that we already start to gravitate towards communities and people that we already know we’re acclimated to.”

Blame that on 100,000 years of evolution. We are conditioned to know our Family is the only protection from nature.

2 years ago

When The War starts , we will exterminate all illegal invaders and their kids born here illegally , and all their supporters ..Run S p i c run …..

2 years ago

Well, AOC, if CRT “isn’t even being taught in schools” why are you complaining that Americans want to stop it it being taught in schools? Derp! Democrats need to lie about everything they think, say, plan and do…or tar and feathering would see a resurgence.