Almost no one watches CNN any more and it’s ratings prove it


Fake news network CNN lost nearly one out of every four of its total viewers since last month.

Total daytime viewership fell by 22% in May compared to April, and even more (28%) among viewers aged 25-54, the most coveted viewing demographic.

Fox News Channel won an average of 1.19 million viewers over the full day and 2.17 million in prime time. Its 3% dip in both categories represents the smallest decline of the cable news networks, according to Nielsen ratings data.

Perhaps CNN should stop banning people.

All the cable news networks are shedding viewers and have been without Donald Trump to bash.

CNN fell out of the top 5 cable networks in prime time for the first time in months.

Fox News dominated as usual as four of the five top-rated TV shows in cable news aired on FNC: “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (1), “Hannity” (2), “The Five” (3), and “The Ingraham Angle” (5).

MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” is number four.

MSNBC ranked second in total day (835,000) and primetime viewers (just under 1.5 million), but since April, has lost 12% of its total viewers, 6% during prime time, and 22% of prime time viewers aged 25-54.

CNN couldn’t even crack one million viewers in prime time or total viewership in the month of May. Only 913,000 people watched the first 24-hour cable news network’s prime time programming in May, and 610,000 overall.

A good blog gets that. Almost no one is watching CNN any more.

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