Biden Gave Another $400 Million in War Supplies to Ukraine


Team Biden gave another $400M to Ukraine. In addition to supporting their bureaucrats, we are sending war supplies we might soon need. The fact that we are deeply in debt seems to have no bearing when this money is allocated. Congress is also irrelevant.

“It is the 15th U.S. drawdown of weapons and other military hardware for sending to Kyiv since August 2021,” The Washington Times reports. It’s $400M this time, sometimes it’s more, never less.

The U.S. has committed about $8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the start of the Biden administration, Pentagon officials said Friday when they announced the latest aid package.

That $400M doesn’t count the $63 billion that includes the support of their office workers and officials. Zelensky recently announced that he wants nearly a trillion dollars to rebuild after a war he isn’t winning.

A military analyst with Defense Priorities think tank said merely shipping billions of dollars of equipment to a war zone is not a strategy, The Washington Times quotes.

“How does that tie into what the Ukraine military’s plans are? What is the end result of this? What are the expected consequences of this?” said retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, a senior fellow with the libertarian-leaning think tank. “I can tell you that there are no answers to this. When you look at the cumulative total of all of it, it’s not a fraction of what Ukraine needs,” the Times reports.

At best, the haul of weapons removed from Pentagon supply depots might slow down Russia’s advance into Ukraine, Mr. Davis said.

“In no case is it enough to turn the tide or even allow Ukraine to reach parity. Until you reach parity you can’t even get to the topic of a stalemate,” he said.

Actually, $400M is nothing compared to what we left the Taliban. Maybe we should ask the Taliban to sell them some US weapons at cost.

The sanctions and the spending are seriously harming the US and Europe. They are causing tremendous inflation. It’s not a Putin Price Hike, it’s a self-inflicted one. Why? George Soros wants us to go to war with Russia and China to unseat the leaders. If we succeed, we will end up with worse leaders no doubt.

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