Biden Lied About His Affiliation with Terror-Tied Group


The most transparent ever White House lied on Thursday afternoon about their previous partnership and promotion of the Council on Islamic Relations. CAIR is the country’s largest Muslim advocacy group, and its co-founder, Nihad Awad, celebrated the October 7 terrorist attacks during a speech to the American Muslims for Palestine convention in December.

According to the FBI, CAIR began as a Hamas-tied group.

White House Spokesperson Andrew Bates told Townhall that CAIR was not invited to White House meetings in Chicago with Muslim Americans and that the group is NEVER invited to White House meetings. That wasn’t true. They were invited to serve on the President’s Islamophobia panel.

Additionally, a Politico report quoted CAIR’s Chicago director about the White House outreach to Palestinian and Arab communities.

National Security Advisor Omri Ceren wrote on X:

“White House spox just told journalists that CAIR is never invited to White House meetings. He’s lying. Pretty brazenly, actually. Of course, CAIR is invited to their meetings. Here’s a picture from May 2023.

“Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates can’t get away with such a brazen lie. CAIR literally released a press release on their White House visit.”

The NY Times claimed the White House disavowed CAIR after Awad’s remarks. However, if true, why did it take these remarks? It’s clear who and what they are. Also, why did they lie about never inviting them?


Three weeks after the Hamas massacre, Joe Biden issued an executive order to combat non-existent Islamophobia.

It establishes an “Islamophobia task force,” demonstrating weakness before the terror organizations.

This is the administration’s highlighting of its view that there is moral equivalency between Israel and the terror organization Hamas. This is as they called for a “pause,” also known as a ceasefire. That would be surrender.

The Islamophobia panel includes the Hamas-tied organization of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The Council on American Islamic Relations, meanwhile, said it has received 774 complaints, including reported bias incidents, since  the Israel-Gaza war broke out on Oct. 7. They invent many of these so-called “incidents.”

In any case, there is no comparison to the abuse that Jews are taking. They had almost 4,000 complaints in the same time period.

Nihad Awad

According to The Military Times, the White House directed the Pentagon to probe antisemitic and Islamophobic behavior across the U.S. military and offer an estimate of the prevalence of the problem by November.

CAIR pretends it’s a Civil Rights Organization.

It was founded to fund the jihadists under the guise of the charity The Holy Land Foundation. There was a trial, and it was determined to be the largest terror-financing operation in US history.

In 2008, an FBI special agent testified that CAIR was simply a front group for Hamas. In 2014, the UAE declared them a terrorist organization and banned them.

Of course, the US thinks they’re fine.

Numerous CAIR figures have been convicted of federal felonies, including terrorism offenses.

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