Biden Releases Court Stacking Commission’s Draft Report


On Thursday night, President Joe Biden’s commission to study court packing and other so-called reforms released materials of their draft report. It was divided into six sections. It’s a trial balloon and the GOP better start screaming.

The topics that were studied are: “Setting the Stage: The Genesis of the Reform Debate and the Commission’s Mission;” “Membership and Size of the Court;” “Term Limits;” “The Court’s Role in the Constitutional System;” and “Case Selection and Review: Docket, Rules, and Practices.”

Under setting the stage and the genesis sections, the report included a lot of information about wanting to include the various arguments and the genesis of them. We don’t need to rehash that for our readers. The commission wasn’t sure how partisan politics affects the court and said it was “unclear.” The last section was their attestation that they interviewed varied groups to get differing opinions.

The choices do not reflect an endorsement or rejection according to the [partisan] commission, the authors stated.

Membership and Size of the Court.” is of particular interest:

They conclude Congress has the authority to expand the Court. They approve of a temporary court expansion so other measures can be implemented, such as term limits.

“Whether expansion of the Supreme Court ought to be pursued as a prudential matter presents a more difficult question. We focus our consideration on the most common proposal made today: the immediate expansion of the Court by two or more members. Some lawmakers recently have proposed increasing the Court’s size from nine to thirteen members, for example. But we note as well that the (temporary) expansion of the Court might also be necessary to effectuate other reforms, such as the implementation of term limits for the Justices…,” they wrote.

The people calling for this expansion are members of the progressive-Marxist wing of the party.

The commission warns that “Court expansion would be a dangerous power grab by one political party–one that would render the decisions of the resulting (larger) Supreme Court of questionable legitimacy to at least some members of the public.”

Another alarming and accurate comment: “Court expansion today could lead to a continuous cycle of future expansions.”

Also mentioned was what they see as a benefit — more diverse people. We have to get rid of all those white supremacists whoever they are — we only know they’re everywhere.

The authors wrote “a Court that was drawn from a broader cross-section of society might be viewed as more acceptable to the public.”

Biden’s so-called diversity agenda is number one, and we have all these diverse people pouring in from over 160 countries to please. Democrats judge people by the color of their skin, their sexual partners, gender identity, and nationality.

The commission also warned that “different segments of the public and the legal and academic communities understand the determinants and likely consequences of the Court’s current composition differently, and any lawmaker contemplating Supreme Court reform should be aware that the pursuit of immediate Court expansion would involve taking a position in a partisan contest in which opinion is deeply divided.”

Rotating justices and panel systems is also discussed. Biden likes that one as well.

Term Limits” is a high priority for the Left

The Biden Administration want to give that one to the Progressive communists biting at the bullet to take over the Supreme Court.

The commission gives many reasons in favor of term limits, and nothing really against the idea.

The commission will meet again on Friday to further discuss the draft materials. Recommendations will come in November.

Joe Biden has never explained whether he would pack the court or not. Last October, as a nominee, Biden said he would let the American people know his position after he got elected. He had also said that same month that he was “not a fan of it,” but then admonished reporters for asking about it.

Democrats in April introduced legislation in the House and the Senate to pack the court, known as the Judiciary Act, which will expand the Supreme Court to thirteen seats.

The bottom line is the Progressive Hard Left is positioning to take full control of every branch of government federally, in the states and locally. They don’t want to negotiate and don’t care what half the country thinks. They are going for all the power of government.

If they can continue to win the presidency, and that is coming if not already here, they only need to take over the Court to run the country as a dictatorship.

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