Biden screws up vaccine distribution but will send a mask to everyone


Biden is fully and completely screwing up the distribution of the vaccine. New York, in particular, is a disaster. But that is also thanks to Governo Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, both of whom are incompetent.

We already posted about the disaster that allegedly waits if Biden doesn’t get a move on.

To recap, if we don’t get to vaccine herd immunity in six months, the other, more contagious or virulent strains will destroy all that we’ve done so far. To get there, Biden has to go two to three times faster. Only 8.9% have been vaccinated.

However, Biden shared his new plan, as we already mentioned. He will send a mask to every American with our tax money.

He must think we are incapable of getting one. It’s not surprising. He is the party leader who thinks blacks are incapable of getting IDs so they can vote.


Jen Psaki said no matter what, vaccine or not, we all have to keep wearing masks.


UCLA’s Dr. Ladapo wrote an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal titled, Masks Are a Distraction From the Pandemic Reality.

The studies show little benefit from wearing a mask. It’s certainly of no value outside, Dr. Lagapo says.

Dr. Ladapo is an associate professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. He cited facts about the masks. On average, citing a CDC study, Dr. Ladapo said there wasn’t much of a benefit that is not acknowledged in policy-making.

The greatest benefit is in homes in close contact.

As for the vaccines, they might not prevent infection, but they do reduce the severity of the illness.

The article is behind a paywall, so here is one section you might like to read:

Mask mandates may also have unintended consequences that outweigh the benefits.

First, consider how the debate has evolved and the underlying scientific evidence. Several randomized trials of community or household masking have been completed. Most have shown that wearing a mask has little or no effect on respiratory virus transmission, according to a review published earlier this year in Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s journal. In March, when Anthony Fauci said, “wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better” but “it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think it is,” his statement reflected scientific consensus, and was consistent with the World Health Organization’s guidance.

Almost overnight, the recommendations flipped. The reason? The risk of asymptomatic transmission. Health officials said mask mandates were now not only reasonable but critical. This is a weak rationale, given that presymptomatic spread of respiratory viruses isn’t a novel phenomenon in public health. Asymptomatic cases of influenza occur in up to a third of patients, according to a 2016 report in Emerging Infectious Diseases, and even more patients had mild cases that are never diagnosed. Asymptomatic or mild cases appear to contribute more to Covid-19 transmission, but this happens in flu cases, too, though no one has called for mask mandates during flu season.

Policymakers ignore the science:

The public assumes that research performed since the beginning of the pandemic supports mask mandates. Policy makers and the media point to low-quality evidence, such as a study of Covid-19 positive hairstylists in Missouri or a Georgia summer camp with an outbreak. These anecdotes, while valuable, tell us nothing about the experience of other hairdressers or other summer camps that adopted similar or different masking practices. Also low-quality evidence: Videos of droplets spreading through air as people talk, a well-intended line of research that has stoked fears about regular human interactions.

Rather, the highest-quality evidence so far is studies like the one published in June in Health Affairs, which found that U.S. states instituting mask mandates had a 2% reduction in growth rates of Covid-19 compared with states without these mandates. Because respiratory virus spread is exponential, modest reductions can translate into large differences over time. But these shifts in trajectory are distinct from the notion that mandating masks will bring the pandemic to an end. Based on evidence around the world, it should be clear that mask mandates won’t extinguish the virus.

The most reasonable conclusion from the available scientific evidence is that community mask mandates have—at most—a small effect on the course of the pandemic. But you wouldn’t know that from watching cable news or sitting next to a mother being forced off an airplane because her small children aren’t able to keep a mask on.

The masks offer small benefits scientifically.

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2 years ago

Democrats will prolong the Wuhan Virus Hoax and increase tyrannical Government power until they are removed from office. They are already talking 7 years. It’s amazing that the Trump Economy was so strong that it has survived this long. It won’t last too much longer with Traitor Joe destroying jobs by the hundreds of thousands with the stroke of a pen.

Meanwich Stinkburger
Meanwich Stinkburger
2 years ago

The animals don’t have any masks, why are they not piled up everywhere?

The Spokesman
The Spokesman
2 years ago

Good point for Hiden and maybe the only one, mRNA vaccines are deadly.
Bad point for Trump and maybe the only bad one, approving for this scamdemic and the mRNA jab, which proved deadly in previous animal trials (cats, ferrets). They developed antibodies but when exposed to a virus, they developed immunoreactivity and died.
In terms of masks, if they would work, they would be banned like Hydroxychloroquine.

2 years ago

I want a camo mask or a Jason Vorhees one and my EBT card is not charged up.
Where is my stimmy (stimulus) rations?
I want my free stuff and I want it now. Get it crackalackin’ comrade kommissar Uncle Joe!
Also Miss September and a fly whip (hot car) are next on my list of demands.
Make the EBT card accepted at the local chronic (weed) dispensary.
Hook it up Santa Claus…yes we can!