Biden Trashed the Donald Trump Document Case


The Hill tried to excuse Joe Biden in his documents scandal, claiming he was better than Trump because he told the FBI as soon as he knew. Also, he didn’t resist giving up the documents. Biden had those classified papers for six years and kept the information from the public before the election. As Vice President, he had no right to take them. Donald Trump had the right to take the documents and resisted legally because he felt he had the right to them.

Investigative reporter Michael Schellenberger said that some newspapers are walking back their excuses for Biden. Schellenberger refuted every argument they had in their vain effort to exonerate Joe Biden and impugn Donald Trump.

Americans are at a disadvantage since we don’t know what is in Biden’s documents. We know some were top secret, and Hunter had access to them. Allegedly, classified papers on Iran, Ukraine, the UK, and possibly China were included in the batches.

No matter what excuse they come up with, they won’t be able to win on this one. They found a third batch of secret papers.

We have documents in Biden’s office.

There were documents in his home.

Documents were found in his garage.

It’s a good guess that there are more. He stole them and had no right to them.

As President, Donald Trump could declassify the documents and take them without breaking the law.

There are comingled documents – some classified; some aren’t. And we have a massive coverup with the media jumping to conclusions and trying to cover for Biden.

Biden, the DOJ, and NARA colluded together on this NARA case against Trump. It backfired beautifully.

Lots of luck continuing the case against Donald J. Trump, Joe.


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