Black Lives Matter curriculum to expand into schools nationwide


by Dan Levine

In 2016, Newstalk1130 reported that public schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin planned to spend over $471,000 to further the agenda of the radical group supported by Barack Obama and funded by far-left globalist George Soros to the tune of $33 million dollars.

They created a “cultural studies curriculum” and claimed to improve school performance through the “facilitation of meaningful dialogue and support on issues surrounding race and trauma faced in communities and schools.” MPS officials told WISN radio.

Black Lives Matter curricula are already in schools in the northeast. And they now want to put their curricula in every school district in the United States. They will expand the time spent on it.

Endorsed by the far-left National Education Association, the largest teacher’s union in the nation, the national organization Black Lives Matter at School (BLMS) seeks to foment a “new uprising for racial justice” by injecting their guiding principles into schools.

The concepts they embrace include globalism, Marxist social justice, transgender affirming, and queer affirming.” They plan to implement restorative justice and Black History/Ethnic Studies K-12 as part of their movement.

The BLM leader who signed the general goals is Opal Tometi, a communist with ties to Nicolas Maduro, the dictator of Venezuela. If you look at the so-called elite who endorsed it, they’re far-left. The endorsers include domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. The BLM is anti-capitalism.


A document written by BLM activist Laleña Garcia, a self-described “queer kindergarten teacher,” provides a glimpse of what they plan to teach.

Titled, “How to talk to young children about the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles,” the document encourages educators to “consider age-appropriate language” as they indoctrinate students with a cultural Marxist ideology such as “intersectionality” and “transgenderism.”

Many of the terms included in the document are pulled from Black Lives Matter’s 13 guiding principles. The principles include Globalism. They define it as “our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists across the world in different regions.”

It’s no surprise that an organization funded by uber-globalist George Soros is teaching kids that globalism is a big beautiful way of everybody living together as one family⁠. The truth is it’s neo-communism and one world government.

We have written a great deal about this organization since it originated, thanks to the largesse of benefactor George Soros. It’s very similar to the Black Panthers. It’s a communist revolutionary organization. The Black Panthers and their crazy leaders are now glorified in the media. This is despite the fact that many were dangerous criminals. Their ideology was communism.

We love black people but not Black Lives Matter.

The Black Lives Matter is the Black Panthers:





  1. Great it can go with teaching them about the 56 genders and how it’s really natural to be gay and/or trans. never mind that American kids are falling ever behind the rest of the world in reading, comprehension, grammar and science. Those things are so overrated anyway. It’s not like you need them to get a job or anything.

  2. Public schools are a failure already so why not add more racist crap to the schools. This has nothing to do about Black Lives this has to do with the dumbing down of all races. Brain wash the children just like Hitler did. Parents that don’t stand up and say no to all this crap are not good parents. Call satanist CPS. How did a nation of so many smart freedom loving people turn into such groveling pansies give me freebies communist minded uneducated nuts? Your communist minded schools thanks to Soros Clinton Obama Bushes etc. Home school your children if you can until these freaks make that illegal also.

  3. If Black Lives Matter, then make your kids go to school and get their education. Even if bussing if necessary. This nonsense of going to school and learning nothing is a scandal. Tax dollars being stolen from the kids who need the education. Check out the offices of the administrators. Their incomes, and make them accountable in your districts. Have armed guards in all schools at all times. If black lives matter, then PROTECT them in their public schools.

  4. I REFUSE to recognize BLM, NAACP, BET, UNCF, Congressional Black Caucus and all the other “high moral” black instituted organizations. They are nothing but racist hypocrites, self serving to incite racial divide. IF they really believed in what they preach, tell me why they are not protesting the blacks being killed on the streets of $hitcago every weekend……waiting….(crickets)…yeah prove me wrong.

    • In particular, the Congressional Black Caucus is the worst of the bunch. Semi-educated criminals, liars and race baiters…all of them, all while being part of our supposed government!

  5. Home schooling is going to become very, very popular. Groups are trying to make homeschooling illegal nationwide. They know they must force people to go in order to keep the numbers up.

    I moved from Chicago to a state where people can openly carry a shotgun around and home schooling is legal and weed is not.

    We can always use more good Americans. We don’t care what race you are not we certainly do care about how you care about yourself, your neighbor, your property, and your God-given freedoms.

    Back to homeschooling. With many homes requiring both parents to work, it is imperative that you network in your community and organize so many homes can work together to create home schooling for multiple families, multiple age groups. Try to find retired teachers in the community.

  6. I used to lament the fact that I had no children…now I thank God. I’d be out of my mind to think about the state of the country, and life, I’d be leaving them.

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