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VA’s Gov. Youngkin Pardons Angry Dad Protesting After His Daughter’s Sexual Assault

by James S. Soviero Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has pardoned the Loudoun County father who protested against the sexual assault of his daughter and her public school's attempt to cover up the incident. The pardon is...

Donald Trump Chokes Up at What the Country Has Become

The blue collar billionaire Donald Trump choked up talking about what is happening to America. Anyone who supports Donald Trump could end up in prison or indicted, but the people are with him. They'll back...

An Everyday Story You Don’t Like to Hear

This is definitely a story you don't want to hear if you've been vaccinated. "I regret getting the vaccine even though I'm a 52 year old woman," Megyn Kelly said, "because I don't think I...

The Beautiful But Devastating Sinkholes

There are hundreds of sinkholes in Turkey swallowing up farmland in the nation's breadbasket. Scientists have counted approximately 2,500 sinkholes around the Konya basin, in Turkey's agricultural heartland. Some are shallow, and about 700 are...

A Lady With Common Sense Tells the Truth!

This is a woman with a lot of common sense and she's not afraid to speak the truth. She is probably gay, and yet, she pulled no punches. The video came from Midnight Rider Telegram...

Amazing Moments Happen Every Day

I thank God for all my amazing moments. Maybe you don't. It's good to be just thankful. The sweetest moments in life. the type of therapy i need✨#Caturday Trump #blackout pic.twitter.com/mmex7QLgyz — Life with a Cat...

FBI Releases List – 388 People Missing, Not 1110!

The FBI weeded out duplicates of people allegedly missing in Maui and compiled one list. Thankfully, it's not 1110 missing, but there are still 388 missing. This is hopeful and relatively good news. Meanwhile,...

The Everyday People Who Burned to Death in Maui

I hope to fully disobey FEMA and the Maui County officials who tell people not to post any videos or imagery of Maui while they clean up. The road out was blocked, and the people...

Oliver Anthony Has Another Song

Oliver Anthony has another song, "I Want to Go Home." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB9n0XA8dks

A Native Hawaiian Reacts to Biden Coming to Talk About His Kitchen Fire

This local Hawaiian said that Hawaii is now deep red because of the way Joe Biden treated them. Biden compared their disaster in Maui to his small kitchen fire, falsely claiming he almost lost...