CDC, The WHO Warn of Monkeypox Accelerating – As The WHO Seeks Medical Sovereignty


The WHO — which is looking to assume worldwide medical sovereignty next week — warns Monkeypox might “accelerate” during the summer, Zero Hedge reports. The CDC joined them and alerted US doctors as the virus reaches 13 countries.

Reports link the acceleration to sexual transmission and the possibility of it running through the LGBTQIA+ community. The problem now is it seems to spread sexually through genital contact. That form of acceleration is new.

Geneva, Switzerland – July 13, 2021: World Health Organization building entrance glass door

The World Health Organization, a CCP-Bill Gates operation, is working on further guidance for countries on how to mitigate the spread of monkeypox.

The WHO’s working theory based on the cases identified so far is that the outbreak is being driven by sexual contact, said David Heymann, chair of the WHO’s Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Hazards with Pandemic and Epidemic Potential. He led a meeting on the outbreak on Friday.

They say at risk are parents caring for sick children as well as health workers.

Monkeypox is an infectious disease that is usually mild and is endemic in parts of the west and central Africa. However, it is accelerating in 13 countries. We are guessing that the flood of illegal immigrants isn’t helping.

THE WHO, the World Health Organization, is regularly wrong and they plan to become medical sovereigns next week with the help of Joe Biden. This must be stopped.

There is more information here, here, here, here, here, and here. This isn’t a conspiracy – it’s happening.

Biden Is Ceding Worldwide Medical Sovereignty to The WHO



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1 year ago

And ‘who” is surprised?