Climate Change executive order, a takeover of the US economy


As unappealing as it may be, people should strongly consider reading Puppet Joe’s executive order on climate change (see below). It is a sweeping, hugely expensive order that puts the so-called climate crisis at the center of United States foreign policy and national security.

Not only does it ignore the menace of China and other dangerous foreign actors, but it also makes us subservient in a number of ways to globalists in the UN. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank get to rule over us. They diminish our rights tremendously, and they are under the spell of communist dictators.


If you read about The Great Reset, this will put us on a path to join that communist movement. John Kerry has said we must join it. Also, if you read this, keep in mind that Kerry said even if we get to zero emissions, it won’t matter because the big polluters don’t have to do a thing under the Paris Accord and other terrible organizations we are teaming up with under Biden.

So, why do it? The obvious reason is power, and it is to fundamentally transform us. It allows Democrats to do almost anything in the name of climate change and it is a takeover of our economy.

The order has EVERY SINGLE government agency working on climate change. That is to embed this in every pillar of society.

The expense of changing all our infrastructure that the order references could all by itself destroy the nation’s economy. Then add the elimination of fossil fuels in the bill, and we’re done.

The bill has expansive plans to spread our wealth worldwide. It states we must spend globally.

The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory, and people need to start thinking about what it means for this nation. Hillary Clinton told Biden a while ago that he must act quickly. He is acting quickly through executive orders and actions. It makes him a dictator. Democrats aren’t even bothering to talk with Republicans. The $1.9 trillion Heroes Act is filled with socialist agenda items that should terrify people. Democrats said they would talk to Republicans, but they aren’t. The plan is to push it through and pass another immediately after.

While we didn’t check the new bill, we know it will be similar to the last which included:
  • It ends all deportations and gives amnesty to those foreigners who currently live here illegally.
  • It gives federal taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens — any illegal who wanders into the country.
  • Her bill allows ballot harvesting and revokes state-level ID laws.
  • She has funding in it for pot shops.
  • They want hundreds of millions for public broadcast and funding for local press retirement plans.
  • Policing of racial makeup of corporate boards is in the bill.
  • Endless climate change pork that won’t do a thing for climate change in our lifetimes or any likely.
  • Endless corrupt voting practices.
Climate change executive order on Scribd

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Ben colder
Ben colder
3 years ago

Creepy Joe and the Ho are dictators what law have they sent to congress not one that I have heard of .The depression can’t be far behind.

3 years ago

Climate change is a bigger Hoax than the Wuhan Virus. Unless you can figure out how to control the Sun, you can’t do a thing about climate except to learn how to live with it.

3 years ago

In Oct of 2020 the old senile bassturd Joe Biden said, “Only dictators rule by executive order”

Between Jan 2017 and Jan 19, 2021 PRESIDENT Trump (Still the legitimate President) signed 220 executive orders. That is 6 EOs per month. Just 3 weeks in office Biden has already signed 42 executive orders. The slimy crybaby left yelled for 4 years that Trump was a dictator for his EOs. So just who is the dictator now? The hypocrisy of the DemocRATs is beyond description.

Democrats will burn down everything so that they can rule over the ashes.” – Sun Tzu

Two B
Two B
3 years ago
Reply to  Buzz

One correction; 3 weeks. He was inaugurated on the 20th, today is the 31st. It’s only been 11 days.