Clown Show Alert! Warren Wilhelm Runs for President! Don Jr Responds


The Communist Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, is the 24th Democrat to announce his candidacy for president in 2020. Seventy-six percent of New Yorkers in a recent poll said he should NOT run, presumably because he has done nothing good for New York.

De Blasio has seriously damaged New York City and now he wants to do the same for the entire nation.

Warren knows he doesn’t have a prayer of winning, but he loves to spread his hard-left message and he will sock the money away for when he runs for governor or senator.

De Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm but he took his mother’s maiden name. It’s a better name for politics.


Donald Trump Jr. humiliated De Blasio with his own failures in DIRTY NEW YORK in a single tweet.

The tweet included a video recorded Wednesday morning that showed garbage and debris along a park sidewalk in the city. Don Jr. wrote: “Rather than do a PR stunt ‘run’ for President (we all know it’s going nowhere) maybe @NYCMayor should clean up his backyard first. This video from this morning should tell you all you need to know about his ‘leadership.’ What a clown show!!!”

On Friday, Warren tried to bash rich building owners in the lobby of Trump Tower as he introduced his AOC-like Green New Deal. Protesters kept riding up and down the elevator behind him with signs like ‘Failed Mayor’, “Worst Mayor Ever’, and one LGBT Trump supporter rode up and down with a rainbow flag. It was hysterical!

De Blasio is truly a communist who thinks America has plenty of money to give every freebie imaginable. Sandanista Bill says money is in “the wrong hands” and he will decide who has the right hands.


Like most socialists and communists [in the USA they are both the same thing], he does not consider the amount of deficit spending and the trillions of dollars in debt. Warren also never bothers to show us where he will get the money. We all know it will come from taxes and there isn’t enough money for all these freebies.

He has argued against private property and would like to seize buildings of those owners he doesn’t think are doing the right thing. De Blasio is known as a nasty boss who has barely skirted the law in fundraising.

Wilhelm’s New York is a sanctuary city with tent cities we never had before. The commie calls Revolutionary Communists “peaceful protesters.”

As the total fruitcake he is, he implemented a Green New Deal in New York City and plans to ban processed meats from public facilities. That will include hot dogs.

He hates cops too and doesn’t want arrests for crimes he deems harmless like some breaking and entering cases, non-violent drug dealing, and pooping in the streets.

Oh, and he wants a program of ACTUAL REDISTRIBUTION. He constantly bashes the rich, but there are good and bad rich people just as there are good and bad poor and middle class. He has no right to steal anyone’s money because he’s unfairly demonized them.


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4 years ago

For the past three weeks, I have had to travel for appointments several times a week to lower Manhattan from Brooklyn. One driver even had the audacity to take the scenic route. These trips were the first time that I have entered Manhattan in several years and it is disgusting. The traffic is outrageous, street construction even worse, and if you can believe, the infrastructure a frigging nightmare even though the same streets have been “allegedly” under repair since 2014.

Then there are the damned bikers who for some reason despite claims that de Blasio is clamping down on them continue to have free reign to run anyone down who crosses their paths. There is overwhelming congestion where there should be none. Our once beautiful skyline is shot to hell.

Not to worry, I did not forget the outer boroughs, they are no different. My brother last weekend came through Pennsylvania Station where they are remodeling. How that feat is carried out is beyond me. Penn Station has morphed back into the cesspool it once was during the Dinkins era.

Odds are that ,every tax implemented under de Blasio, income taxes etc. was funneled into this crook’s 2020 presidential campaign and know asking. NYC news media since 2014 has been CNN and MSNBC on steroids.

If they kissed Commie Bill’s ass any harder, they would go home every night with his ass on their lips (pardon the metaphor).

4 years ago

Wilhelm seems an unlikely winner, but some misfit will be chosen.

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

He’s way too tall, to fit into the current Democrat presidential clown car. That’s OK cause he deserves one all to himself.