Dems declare victory with illegal eviction order but not so fast


The far-left Democrats, which is all of the Democrats, view the illegal and wholly unconstitutional CDC order to stop evictions as a big win. It is if you don’t believe in the rule of law. It will hopefully be short-lived. The landlords’ groups are suing (see information at the end).

The far-left sees it as a “turning point” and that should send shivers down your spine. It could be.

“It’s clear [progressives] exercise total control over Biden and his agenda,” a House GOP aide told The Washington Times Wednesday. “Everything he does — from stripping Hyde protections, putting up an anti-gun activist to lead the ATF, embracing socialism … is catered to the far left and their policy goals.”

Squad commie Rep. Cori Bush, Missouri Democrat and an outspoken progressive slept on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to call attention to the plight of evicted tenants. Over the weekend, other far-left Democrats and activists joined her, cheering on her protest.

Her stunt helped.


Democrats said they would use the coronavirus to fundamentally transform the United States and they are. Delta is a new terror, then there will be Lambda right up to Omega. People are calling for masks, lockdowns, vaccine passports with photo IDS, something they don’t want for voting.

Stacey Abrams to James Clyburn who, only weeks ago, claimed photo ID caused voter suppression, now deny that was their position.

Many say COVID is used to expand government power, but they are so incompetent, are they capable?

Biden said the CDC had no authority to continue the eviction moratorium and the Supreme Court just said they didn’t. He allowed the CDC to do it anyway.

This is a big win for the lawless Marxist who can now ignore a Supreme Court ruling and glory at a CDC bureaucrat passing laws that affect private property and the rights of landlords. It destroys the credibility of contracts in this country. Big win for commies!

On June 29, 2021, the Supreme Court decided the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had no authority to continue an eviction moratorium past its July 31, 2021, end date.

Two days later, Joe Biden said he did not have the authority to extend the moratorium.  The CDC said it did not have the power either.  Then, on August 3, 2021, Biden extended the moratorium based on the CDC order while declaring he really had no power to extend the moratorium.

Our government with its open borders, high crime rates, inability to follow the law is incompetent, stupid, and unable to fulfill its basic duties. They only know they want to enslave all Americans to one-party rule from a centralized government.


The CDC has bungled its guidance, sent mixed messages, and overreacted to a super spreader event in Provincetown, MA.

Around the country, mask mandates are being ridiculed and resisted.  In Washington, D.C., the mayor of the city violated her own mask mandate at an indoor wedding reception.  In Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ mask mandate has been ignored even by the police.

The government bureaucrats go on TV and contradict each other yet these are the people in charge.

Anthony Fauci is a failure and is not credible.  Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health, went on television and told parents to mask up at home in front of their children.  Then he said he misspoke.  The Surgeon General. who no one listens to, said the same thing.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says there will be no vaccine passports, then says they’re looking at it, then says she didn’t say that although she clearly did.

Our leaders are buffoons. The media backs up the fakery and hackery.

Unelected health officials are ruling over us badly, yet they love doing it.

We don’t have a decent budget, inflation is soaring, and Democrats want to spend us into bankruptcy on socialist/communist agenda items while they lie about it. They even have the HR1/S1 bills to make sure they stay in power forever as new Democrats are pouring over the southern border without vetting but lots of COVID.

Our government is out of touch and keeps doing more of what already failed to try to succeed. They’re just making people angry and dividing us.

The states need to step up. The people in DC are failures with no hope. They succeed at ruining everything but nothing more. Even their foreign affairs efforts are failures.

Their latest big success is illegal. The landlords have stepped up.

According to, landlord groups late Wednesday asked a U.S. judge in Washington to immediately lift a new eviction moratorium that was put in place Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), saying the new order was “unlawful”.

It is.

The Alabama Association of Realtors and others said in an emergency filing the CDC issued the new order “for nakedly political reasons – to ease the political pressure, shift the blame to the courts for ending the moratorium, and use litigation delays to achieve a policy objective.”

The Supreme Court agreed to leave the moratorium in effect in June. However, they also made clear that the CDC had no jurisdiction to extend the moratorium in the future.

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