This Explains a Lot! Berkeley Mayor Is a Member of Communist Terrorist Antifa Group


Jesse Arreguin with his friend Bernie Sanders.

The Berkeley mayor who tells the police to stand down and allows the Antifa terrorist group to assault pro-Trump supporters is a terrorist himself. Got News reports that Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the communist anti-facist militia (Antifa) By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

He was listed as a member on Facebook among 35 group memberships but has since taken it down. He still lists the lead BAMN ringleader Yvette Falarca as one of his friends on the social media site.

Arreguin’s Facebook friend was identified at a Berkeley anti-censorship rally, where the woman was among masked individuals who assaulted, and could have murdered attendees.

Got News reports:

BAMN was cited in January 2002 FBI report as among “various groups and individuals within the state of Michigan who are thought to be involved in terrorist activities.” The agency internal document relayed discussions at a domestic terror symposium hosted by the Michigan State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit, and attended by the FBI, the Secret Service, Michigan Department of Corrections, Michigan State University Public Safety, and the Michigan National Guard/Army Reserve. There, one Michigan detective “presented information on a protest from February 8-10, 2002 in Arin Arbor, Michigan, by the group Any Means Necessary,” adding, “Michigan State Police has information that in the past demonstrations by this group have been peaceful.”

BAMN no longer pretends to be anything but violent.

Here is Fellarca beating a man as he begs police to help.

She called her last violent assault a “stunning achievement”. The Milo Yiannopoulos event was Fellarca’s work as well.

Fellarca is a middle school teacher who helped plan the original Berkeley riots. She and her goons attacked Trump supporters then without any repercussions. The police just stand there doing nothing.

Tucker had Fellarca on his show and she said the right is trying to recruit when they speak and they on’t let them – they’re all fascists. She compared conservatives to Nazis when they are in fact anarcho-communists.

Read more at Got News

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