FBI hunting down every Capitol protester/rioter, but not one antifa or BLM


Christopher Wray’s WOKE FBI seeks every January 6th trespasser and rioter. They hope to send them up the river for years. They have photos on Twitter of some elderly people who they want to nab. The January 6 mostly peaceful protesters were by-and-large patriotic people who lost it as opposed to insurrectionists.

If that was an insurrection for a handful, they surely had no way to make it work. This is the garbage you see all over the FBI feed:

They want to scare the Right away from protesting. And they want you to know, you won’t have your civil rights when they catch you.

Pretty much all you see on their Twitter feed are photos of people who rushed the Capitol on January 6th. What happened to the criminals and the Most Wanted? How about jihadists? They’re still getting arrested but you have to go to a foreign news outlet to get any information on them.

Check out their Twitter feed, it’s quite remarkable. They’re Biden Brownshirts now, not the rank and file, but the leaders.


Black Lives Matter and Antifa are self-described Marxists and anarchists. Antifa calls its organization ‘anarcho-communists.’  BLM is a black supremacist group although nearly half of the followers are white.

They are violent and want to overturn capitalism. They want the police abolished along with the nuclear family. They detest religion.

They riot in all our major cities and in some suburbs and they have killed people. Antifa has injured innumerable officers of the law.

They aren’t just an idea. Antifa and BLM have chapters on some university campuses throughout the nation. We’ve already researched that and published articles about their ever-growing tentacles.

Christopher Wray, our imperious FBI director, has no problem with them and dismisses both organizations as threats.

Both loosely-governed movements/organizations are funded by deep-pocketed leftists. For example, George Soros has given BLM over $33 million. Corporations also give millions to BLM. Antifa has secret donors.

But who does the FBI want to put in a federal pen without civil rights? The protesters, Trump supporters, who rushed the Capitol on January 6th, are the only activists the FBI cares about. That’s not to say we think it’s okay that some vandalized the Capitol and some attacked the police. Of course, it’s not, but Democrats have pretended this was the worst catastrophe since the Civil War and they are using it to push through their socialist/communist agenda. It’s not Denmark they are looking to. Denmark is a capitalist country. They’re looking to Venezuela and Cuba for their new government once they transform ours.

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1 year ago

My heart breaks for our fellow Patriots. Where are the Republicans? Anyone in DC paying attention or are they too busy fundraising for the next election.