FBI says Antifa (violent anarcho-communists) are not terrorists


In a congressional hearing last week titled “Confronting Violent White Supremacy (Part VI): Examining the Biden Administration’s Counterterrorism Strategy,” FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Timothy Langan said that the Bureau doesn’t consider Antifa to be an “organization,” and as such does not have specific information on the group’s activities.

They only follow individuals within the group if needed.

Langan admitted to Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) that since the FBI doesn’t consider Antifa an “organization,” they don’t keep track of their extremist violence and subversive activities to take down the government.

It is worthwhile to note here that Black Lives Matter, a Soros-tied group, also calls itself a movement, admittedly a Marxist (communist) one.

Rep. Mace referenced Antifa not being a “myth” at the end of the clip below. Rep. Jeffy Nadler once famously called the communist-anarchists a “myth.” Soon after, during the presidential debates, Joe Biden said Antifa was just an “idea.”

All of this took place or is taking place as Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue subversive activities and threaten violence. Both organizations burned down buildings, attacked law enforcement officers, and broke into stores to steal goods. Riots in DC, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Portland, and so many other cities are ignored.

These groups did it with almost no mention of concern by Democrats because they are Democrat Brownshirts, just as many of these anonymous illegal aliens invading our nation will be their Brownshirts.

As many innocent Trump-supporting “paraders” are locked in a DC prison, Democrats ignore the communists and anarchists while also absolving them of their crimes. The authorities are sealing their records while labeling “paraders” as felons.


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10 months ago

That’s okay. We’ve always known this and we also know who the FBI considers to be the ‘terrorists’. I mean, 12 of 14 of the Whitmer conspirators were FBI plants? How many FBI, DHS etc agents were mixed in the Jan 6 crowd as agents provocateur? No, this is no surprise. The surprise is waiting for Antifa, BLM etc. Once Soros has no more use for them, they are all headed for a dirt nap.

10 months ago
Reply to  Vetmike

That’s a viable thought. However, the roots of treason are well entrenched in the FBI, and in this administration led by Biden’s puppeteers. My premise is based on the idea that action is necessary rather than merely discussed by we keyboard warriors. The question is two-fold at this point: 1-do we have the emotional will as a people to unleash the means of retaking our country back, and/or 2-do we have the physical wherewithall to carryout and allow those means to occur?

10 months ago

Timothy Langan obviously lives in an altered reality? He must have done a lot of LSD in High School.

10 months ago

The Deep State Long March burn it all down comrades gonna comrade until it is a scorched earth wasteland.
They will never break ranks unlike the worthless Grand Old Politburo.