Feel the love and unity: Lemon and Cuomo mock Sen Rubio as “Mr. Bible Boy”


The Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo duo teamed up to rip apart Republicans for their beliefs. The best is Chris Cuomo calling Marco Rubio, ‘Bible Boy.’ Can’t you just feel the unity, and tolerance from the party of love?

Watch the clip and you will discover Republicans aren’t allowed to believe anything Democrats don’t believe without being told Republicans are “embarrassing,” “enablers,” “complicit” and “we know” what we believe in is “bogus.”



Now, let’s do the real Bible Boy, Raphael Warnock. According to his staff, he wants to defund the police but won’t say it aloud because he wants to get elected. Both he and Ossoff were funded by Hollywood, New York, and all over the country.

My personal favorite is him claiming Jesus is a Palestinian peasant “prophet.” Warnock supports abortion to the moment of birth for any reason.

“Reverend” Warnock praises anti-Semitic Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

Best of all is that he wants to destroy the “values system” of the “American Empire.”

Oh, and he’s a race-baiter.



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Uniparty Über Alles
Uniparty Über Alles
3 years ago

I like disco boots better for comrade kommissar Rubio. Own the disco boots Rubio they aren’t that bad and you know you like them. Go full disco with a flying Elvis suit and the the boots.
These comrades can pray to Marx and I’ll go with God.
I hope that ends well for them on the road to the Ozymandias utopia.
Unity? Not on my block as that shit is long gone after the past four years.