Fiery exchange between Sen. Paul & NIAID Fauci!


The hearing with Dr. Fauci today became a fiery exchange with Dr. Paul warning Dr. Fauci that it is a crime to lie to Congress and Dr. Fauci calling Dr. Paul a liar.

Dr. Rand Paul advised Dr. Anthony Fauci that it is a crime to lie to Congress and can lead to a five-year prison sentence. He also reminded bureaucrat, Dr. Fauci, today that he told Congress the NIH/NIAID did not fund gain-of-function research.

Sen. Paul then presented the proof that NIH did indeed fund it. He then asked Dr. Fauci if he would like to retract his statement.

Dr. Fauci refused to take it back. He then insisted they were not involved in gain-of-function.  As Dr. Paul described the research that was conducted, which meets the definition of gain-of-function as described by Dr. Ebright, Dr. Fauci “danced around it” and said it’s not. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he told Dr. Paul, which is what he usually says. Fauci also said he “resents the lie” Paul is “propagating.”

“If anyone is lying, Senator, it is you,” Fauci exclaimed.

The White House Is Now Occupied by Neo-Fascists/Marxists

Fauci will have a lot of scientists, the media, and the Democrats back up his obvious lie. Dr. Paul will be vilified. The reason for this outcome is because the White House is filled with neo-fascists and Marxists.

The White House is powerful with the power of the corporations, media, and social media who are acting as agents of the State.

At the same time, illegals are pouring in unvaccinated with COV. They can just walk out of the detention centers whenever they want, and they do. Fauci has NOTHING to say about that.


In his blowup with Rand Paul, Fauci claimed that the viruses in the Wuhan lab are “molecularly impossible” to cause COVID. However, Wuhan locked their database in September 2019 and won’t share data with anyone outside China.

Case closed?

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1 year ago

Nothing will happen to Fauci. He can lie to Congress cause he knows he’s protected by our maters!

Guido Zehnder
Guido Zehnder
1 year ago
Reply to  phoenixx101

Phoenixx101 you may be right (unfortunately), however the narcistic Faucci has now lost any creditability, lost his dignity and lost his reputation. The name Faucci now is connected to murder, traitor and manipulator of deadly Bio-Weapons’. Faucci will never, repeat never regain his honor and reputation until his last days on this earth,

1 year ago

The Evidence is clear. Gain of Function Research, i.e. Biological Warfare research, was being funded at the Wuhan Lab and it was funded by Fauci via a third party. Why does a Bureaucrat have the power to finance weapons of mass destruction with taxpayer money on the soil of a country who is an enemy of the United States?

Feats of Clay
Feats of Clay
1 year ago

Breaking from enemedia Always Bolshevik Communism featuring greasy haired Bolshevik Davy:

Get the shot, Delta Variant 83% of cases, put the mask back on, vaccinated need another round.

This just in from J&J, Pfizer, Moderna-yes, yes! More shots please mommygov.
Whoo-hoo! Fascism? No way racist bigot.

Max Headroom
Max Headroom
1 year ago

Crime? Bwahaha! That only applies to deplorables not fifth column fellow traveler traitors.
Remember those Hussein cabinet members who just threw away congressional subpoenas.
Max Headroom remembers and the case is far from closed comrade kommissar Fauci of the CCP.
They must move quickly because the COV-LARP truth won’t be hidden forever.