Former leftist presidential candidate might run for NYC mayor


Through the new group, Humanity Forward, Mr. Yang, now a CNN commentator, wants to advance the ideas he championed during his presidential campaign with voter outreach efforts, a podcast and more, the New York Times reported.

He calls it “a humanity first” approach to capitalism.” It’s not capitalism, however, it’s socialism. Mr. Yang wants to bring his extreme ideas into the mainstream through conferences, a podcast, and pilot programs.

His organization will be based in New York and one of his pledges is to give a half-million dollars in universal basic income to residents in one town in New York State.

Free money, who could resist? The ultimate goal is to make it a government responsibility.

The organization also plans to provide resources to political candidates who embrace the ideas of Mr. Yang’s campaign. And it will work to draw into the political process disaffected voters, young people and others who were inspired by his 2020 run, Mr. Yang said.

The podcast — its working title is “Let Yang Speak” — will be part of that effort, he added.

He’s looking for donors.

In the weeks since he dropped out, Mr. Yang joined CNN as a political commentator amid speculation about whether he would run for mayor of New York in 2021. Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that advisers to Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, had reached out to Mr. Yang after he withdrew from the presidential race to offer counsel about a possible mayoral campaign.

He won’t rule out a run for Mayor.

Mr. Yang is a good-natured crackpot. He wants to legalize all drugs and help the addicts shoot up. He’s anti-Second Amendment and put on a fake crying scene for the cameras before an audience member told her tragic story. He obviously knew it was coming and started to tear up before anything was said.

The businessman is the candidate who wants to give every American $1,000 a month, even millionaires. Mr. Yang also wants a China-like digital social credit system.

This presidential candidate is taking a stand against circumcision! He would establish a public policy on it. He is looking for support from the “intactivists”—an oddball fringe group that desires to keep penises “intact.”

“I’m highly aligned with the intactivists,” Yang said. “History will prove them even more correct.”

The man is an oddball communist and this is who the Democrats are foisting on us. As mayor of New York City, Yang will put the nail on the coffin.

This is the Democrat Party today.

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Fokker D.III
Fokker D.III
3 years ago

Could he be any worse than comrade Wilhelm? Some day one of these comrades could be elected and when it all wipes out then they will own that and be the face of the collapse.
Medicare for all, legalized cannabis or marijuana, reparations, that is the recipe for burning it all down.
At least Mr. Yang is from New York and not a carpetbagger.