Here’s the undercover agent who possibly entrapped a ‘rioter’ of 1-6


Court documents pertaining to the indictment of a man named Fi Doung over alleged crimes on January 6 at the Capitol prove there was at least one undercover federal employee embedded within the pro-Trump crowd before the riot, The National File reports.

Court documents from June 30 pertaining to the indictment of Fi Doung, a man belonging to a “loosely affiliated, unnamed group of like-minded individuals” indicate an agent was with him in DC.

The documents reveal that DC Metropolitan Police had an undercover federal employee working with Duong in DC on the morning of and leading up to the events at the Capitol on January 6.

The court papers state that the undercover federal employee, described as “MPD UCE” interacted with the patriot group affiliate, including another person described as “ASSOCIATE 1.” The undercover federal employee was revealed to be close to the “restricted zone” near the Capitol building as it was being stormed.

The agent befriended Duong — whose family fled communism — over a period of weeks. Documents used to indict Duong include his comment that he would “take a stand,” which could mean anything.

This backs up some of the reporting by Revolver News.

How many others were unwittingly working with and encourage by an undercover agent? And why didn’t these agents stop this if they knew it was coming?

We need answers. At the Sentinel, we’d like to know about those nine Democrats who participated according to CNN. How many more were Democrats? Let’s not forget radical antifa/BLM leftist John Sullivan who encouraged people to enter the Capitol with a CNN reporter Jade Sacker.

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