Hillary says, “Joe Biden must not concede under any circumstances”


Democrats keep accusing Republicans of doing what they are doing. As they try to steal the election with constant lawsuits to weaken voting requirements, they accuse Republicans of trying to steal the vote. The Democrat minions even have one lawsuit to abandon signatures on absentee ballots.

At the beginning of the clip, Hillary says Democrats need a massive “legal operation” that Biden is working on. Then she says he should never concede.

“Joe Biden must not concede under any circumstances,” says Hillary because Republicans are going to steal the election.

This is as Democrats try to push a totally new means of voting — mail-in voting which is very vulnerable to fraud — on Americans with the election little more than two months away.

Her plan is for her allies to sue, create chaos, ‘find’ missing ballots, and so on.


It’s just like Stacey Abrams’ plan. Abrams never conceded the governorship and still thinks she’s the governor of Georgia. Her line is that Kemp cheated. Meanwhile, that’s all Democrats want to do with ballot harvesting, destroying voter ID requirements, and so on.

Hillary is the one who didn’t accept her loss and still claims it was stolen from her by Russians, Trump, troll farms, a typo, flashing videos on the dark web, the FBI, Jim Comey, voter suppression, stupid voters, Obama winning two terms, misogynists, Bernie, social media, all media, Dems not making the right documentaries, Assange, Justice Roberts, Benghazi, Matt Lauer, and so much more.

Earlier this year, she said Trump might never leave office and Biden said they might need the military to remove him. Hillary claimed Trump wouldn’t accept the election results. Yet, she is the one telling Biden to never accept the election results.


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