Jill Biden, Goddess, Fashion Trendsetter


Dr. Jill, the Left’s idea of a fashion trendsetter, was out in all her splendor while on vacation.  It wasn’t Melania Trump who was acclaimed for her style and beauty by the Left; it was EdD Jill.

Dr. Jill is “every inch a goddess” and a “joy multiplier,” wrote the Vogue editor in July 2021.

Jill, the goddess.

If you’ll remember, the Left constantly trashed Melania and her sense of style. The likes of Hillary Clinton and Joy Behar critiqued her. When she went to Africa, the NY Times couldn’t stop condemning her “colonialist” helmet.

Super phony Anna Wintour, the Vogue editor-in-chief, once suggested Melania Trump would never be on the cover of Vogue again.

In May 2019, as Melania Trump dazzled in Japan with her beauty, grace, and style, the media fawned over the real fashionista, the almost 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi. It was Nancy Pelosi who was fingered as the fashion icon.

Fashionista Nan

Describing Pelosi as “a recipe for stylish feminine authority with a healthy dose of attitude,” fashion journalist for The Washington Post, Christina Binkley, blubbered her adulation of Speaker Nan across the style pages.

Wintour spoke to The Economist in July 2019 and was asked about Melania and responded by saying how great Michelle is.

Interviewer Anne McElvoy pressed Wintour about the current first lady’s fashion sense. At the same time, she accompanied President Donald Trump on an official visit to the U.K. and asked Wintour if she valued that. She didn’t.

Wintour pointed to the “incredible” Obama — that was her answer.

“STYLISH” Michelle Obama

In December 2019, The WaPo fashion critic, Robin Givhan, said, “For her tour, Mrs. Trump wears all white: a dress with a simple jewel neckline, white stiletto-heeled pumps, and a white coat,” Givhan wrote. “The coat is draped over her shoulders as she strolls through the White House.”

“The coat looks ridiculous.”

The first lady’s coat is “more than a silly fashion folly,” she continued with extreme pettiness.

“The coat is a distraction. It’s a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme. In a video intended to celebrate the warmth and welcoming spirit of the holiday season, that simple flourish exudes cold, dismissive aloofness,” she wrote like a jealous bitty.

This is Robin Givans in her “stylish” attire.
Robin Givhan

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