Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Parties With the Likes of Kathy Griffin


It’s no secret Kellyanne Conway’s husband George has famously gone off the deep end on Twitter and elsewhere. He spends inordinate amounts of time calling the President a psycho, sociopath, dangerous narcissist on Twitter. He’s gone beyond that of late, actually showing up on MSNBC to give the play-by-play during the impeachment. Now we get to see who his new friends are.

Comedian Kathy Griffin shared a photo with her ‘Never-Trumper’ friends including George Conway on Twitter. George Conway was in the litter with some very far-left people.

Photo via Daily Mail The photo appeared to be from July 15 but was shared on Wednesday. 1. Kathy Griffin 2. Journalist E. Jean Carroll 3. Liberal pundit Molly Jong-Fast 4. Comedian Michael Ian Black 5. Economist Paul Krugman 6. Amanda Nguyen 7-10. Unknown Guests 11. Soledad O’Brien 12. George Conway

It’s hard to understand why anyone claiming to be conservative would befriend these people.

Daily Mail said Griffin tweeted the photo now to commemorate the hearings. Celebrities have been brutal in condemning the President during the D.C. witch trials.

Kathy Griffin is just nasty in general. She even attacked the Covington Catholic School boys based on a clipped video. Nicholas Sandman, one of those boys, is suing her for her libelous comments.

E. Jean Carroll is very strange. Molly Jong-Fast just hates Republicans. Krugman thinks the President only hires white nationalist conspiracy theorists.

All of these people hate the President.


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