Kirby runs off when asked about Taliban releasing ISIS prisoners


Kirby on Friday said thousands of ISIS prisoners were released after Biden’s withdrawal from Bagram Air Base. They were released by the Taliban, the terrorists our administration is counting on to help us evacuate Americans.

The administration claims the Taliban are somehow different from ISIS-K and that’s why it’s okay to utilize the help of the Taliban to evacuate Americans.

In July, US troops abandoned Bagram Air Base, a strategic military base in Afghanistan, in the dead of the night. They didn’t bother to tell the Afghan commander who then abandoned the base.

Afghans had looted the abandoned base. Thousands of terrorists, many ISIS, were released from the two prisons near Bagram — by the Taliban.

That puts the lie to the administration’s claim that the Taliban and ISIS-K hate each other. When it comes to the US, they hate us a lot more. ISIS-K is Taliban – Pakistan Taliban.

Instead of moving the terrorists to Gitmo, Biden allowed them to be released by the Taliban.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson confronted John Kirby: “ISIS prisoners were released from jail by the Taliban. Is that evidence that the Taliban and ISIS might be in…”

Kirby cut and ran.

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