LA County Is Allowing the CCP to Collect Their Employees DNA


One Sheriff uncovered the fact that the company testing employees for COVID-19 in LA County is dangerously and integrally tied to the Chinese Communist Party of China. The CCP can use the DNA collected for any purpose they want. He is refusing to allow his department to participate!

“I was even more shocked to learn Fulgent made no attempt to disguise the fact they will use the genetic information obtained in future studies.”

LA County Is Giving DNA of Employees to the CCP

The L.A. County Sheriff notified the clueless L.A. County officials that the LASD will not work with the genetics firm for mandatory COV testing and registration of county employees.

He recently received an FBI briefing warning of the firm’s links to China.

The Sheriff Who Protects People

The FBI told the County Sheriff at the briefing of the “serious risks” in allowing Fulgent Genetics to conduct the employee testing.

The Sheriff was “shocked to learn Fulgent has strong ties with BGI, WuXI, and Huawei Technology, all of which are linked to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Peoples Republic of China State Council and are under the control of the PRC.”

He said he was “even more shocked to learn Fulgent made no attempt to disguise the fact they will use the genetic information obtained in future studies. On the Fulgent public website, the following statement can easily be found, ‘I also give permission for my specimen and clinical information to be used in de-identified studies at Fulgent and for publication if appropriate.’ Additionally, the 2017 China Cyber-Security Law makes it legal for PRC to seize any data stored within China, or stored outside of China by an entity which has a presence in China, and that organizations and network operators submit to government-conducted security checks.”

He went on to reference a NY Times article that contained the information.

The Sheriff was “deeply concerned” about the vetting process which failed to turn this up or chose to ignore it. Entering a no-bid contract with Fulgent Genetics so they can collect DNA for some unknown purpose destroyed all confidence he had in the process.

[People are too busy worrying about being offended, anti-racism, and spreading fake history to keep their eye on the ball. How many other officials that we elect to office aren’t doing their job around the country? We better get our act together and work together or we will become extinct!]

The Sheriff is our hero, Sheriff Villanueva, is one man looking out for the people.


It is a known fact that China — the Chinese Communists who want to take over the world — is collecting the DNA of people throughout the world. Read herehere, here, and here. In addition, they are developing bioweapons.

The Chinese Communists have been collecting people’s DNA for years. According to Gordon Chang, author of ‘The Coming Collapse of China,’ the country’s sinister motivations should be of great concern to the United States, Fox News reports.

With over 80 million health profiles, China has the largest DNA database in the world. It’s growing. In an interview with Fox News, Chang warned that China plans to use this information to create bioweapons designed to target specific ethnic groups.

“The coronavirus is not the last pathogen that will be generated from Chinese soil. And so we’ve got to be concerned that the next disease is more transmissible and more deadly than the novel coronavirus,” said Chang.

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2 years ago

And Traitor Joe allows this!