Larger Numbers of Africans Head for the USA


Hundreds of illegal aliens from the Ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo were dumped in the streets of San Antonio, Texas just a few weeks ago. That’s nothing new, but it is on the increase.

They have been coming from as far away as Somalia, the Congo, the Middle East, and other distant lands to ask for asylum. The group caught in San Antonio have already dispersed across the United States.

They had wads of hundred dollar bills on them, almost as if someone paid them to come.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Africans coming into the country. They can’t speak the language, they are tied to their culture and religion, they are not coming for our values, and NGOs tell them they don’t have to assimilate.

NGOs have warned them to not talk to the Border Patrol.

The NGOs are funded by far-left groups, including those tied to George Soros. They also benefit from USAID.

The next paragraph is conjecture but it is based on knowledge of prior history.

There are many other countries the Africans could have gone to that are a lot closer than ours, but for some reason, they insist on the welfare nation of the United States. It’s not only the welfare, but we believe it’s also the U.N., George Soros and U.S. government-funded NGOs promoting this. Why would they? The answer is simple. The Africans are poor Muslims who will completely transform the USA. It will also be difficult to say they don’t merit asylum, and the goal of the US-hating left is to fundamentally transform the country.

Don’t underestimate the hatred some Americans hold for our country.

The promised Mexican military is nowhere to be found.

These people appear to be Africans or Haitians.

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