Team Clinton Paid $700,000 Possibly to Influence FBI Investigation Against Hillary


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s political organization gave almost a half million to the failed campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of an FBI official investigating Hillary Clinton. McAuliffe is part of the broader group teaming up for Hillary Clinton and has been instrumental in helping both Clintons in their campaigns.

McAuliffe also influenced his State party to donate another quarter million to his wife’s campaign.

Andrew McCabe is deputy director of the FBI and his wife received $467,500 from the McAuliffe PAC according to finance records. McCabe oversaw the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illicit email use.

McAuliffe is on Team Clinton and recently gave voting privileges to convicted felons because they are mostly minorities and can vote for Hillary.

McAuliffe also has control over the Virginia Democrat Party and they donated another $207,788. That was more than a third of all donations to Dr. McCabe. In other words, they were trying to buy her election.

McAuliffe recruited the deputy director’s wife and he urged her to run in at least one meeting – one, that he could recall. He said he did it because he thought she would make a good state senator, a spokesman said. He added that tying it to the FBI investigation is “ridiculous.”

McCabe was the third largest recipient of Common Good VA, the Governor’s PAC, only falling behind Dan Gecker and Jeremy Pike.

Andrew McCabe didn’t fundraise or otherwise engage in his wife’s campaign.

The money was better than anything he could have done.

Months after her campaign, he was promoted to Deputy Director and given the oversight role over the Clinton email investigation. McCabe said he sought ethics advice and was given the go-ahead on all of this.

McAuliffe has long been a central figure in the campaigns of both Clintons and is a sketchy fundraiser by all accounts – from people on the left and right.

McAuliffe is under investigation by the FBI’s DC office who are examining donations on behalf of a Chinese Communist businessman. He may have violated a law requiring him to register as an agent of a foreign entity – Communist China.

Source: Wall Street Journal