Media hid Biden’s threat to physically assault an autoworker


Newsbusters made a very important discovery yesterday. They found that the major networks edited out the former vice president threatening to physically assault an autoworker.

It was omitted by all the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and Univision, with CNN and Telemundo ignoring the incident altogether, Newsbusters reported.

This clip shows Biden screaming in the man’s face, and it also reveals Biden’s threat to slap him in the face at 1:03:

He also lied about the AR-14s (AR-15s to people who know anything about guns.) Biden did indeed say he would ban so-called assault rifles.

The marked “transition” was where Biden can be heard in the unedited video (about 1:28) saying “Don’t tell me that pal or I’m going to go out and slap you in the face.”

As Newsbusters reported, it was deliberate since it was only a four-second edit.

Biden also told a female reporter to “Shush” when she tried to calm the heated back-and-forth.

Biden likes to physically threaten people. How would this work out on the world stage with Putin or Xi?

Biden has said he wants to beat up the President, he threatened Graham if he investigates him or his son, saying Graham would “regret his whole life,” and he screams at voters, calling them names, here and here.


The media is trying to hide Joe Biden’s extreme mental issues as best they can. He would be dangerous as president, and certainly no more than a figurehead. The far-left in control of the party would exploit him. His cabinet includes all far-left leaders who ran for the presidency and/or were in Obama’s cabinet.

Biden calls it the “Normal Plan,” but there is nothing normal about it. It’s more of the Marxist transformation of the nation that Obama began.

Their goal is to make certain no Republican ever again wins the presidency. They are counting on never Trumpers and ballot harvesting to get Biden elected.

Governor Huckabee thinks Michelle Obama will eventually be his running mate. Others suggest Hillary Clinton will come in at the last minute and lodge a challenge.

Everyone knows Joe Biden is not qualified, including the Democrats. That’s why Jim Clyburn is demanding an end to debates and the media edits out his nuttiness. It’s also why they call truthful clips “manipulated,” which is something both Twitter and Facebook are now going along with.

This is the kind of thing Joseph Goebbels did and these people are using the same playbook.

Sanders announced today that he will continue on with his campaign, and he will likely want those debates. He does usually cave, however, and he hates the President and his agenda. Perhaps he wants to be there if Joe crashes completely before November.

It’s not really funny at this point. The joke is on the USA.

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