Michael Savage: DJT Is the Only Choice for President


In the clip below, Michael Savage explains why he thinks Donald Trump is the only choice we have for president. As Savage says, Donald Trump is the only candidate calling for a peace deal with Ukraine.

We indeed need to stop these warmongers before we end up in World War III. One general talks about war with China, and an admiral talks about how ready we are for war with Russia. Ukraine’s President Zelensky never stops trying to get NATO into World War III. Biden wants to go to war with China over Taiwan.

Savage says Donald Trump is a businessman and is better for the economy. He only hopes Trump can stay on message. That is going to be tough for DJT.

The retired conservative host labels the radical teachers introducing young children to pornography Satanic.

There’s more…

The politicians and military are banging the war drums. I think they forgot that it’s a horror to be avoided.

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