Nadler wants to call John Kelly as a witness for endless impeachment


Rep. Nadler just added John Kelly to his witness list. Kelly wasn’t in the White House when the Ukraine situation took place. Is Nadler going to call everyone who criticizes Trump or, as in Kelly’s case — likes his opponent? Will he call every employee who was fired? It’s the endless impeachment by any means necessary. There is no limit.

He’s calling him because Kelly said he believes John Bolton’s comments since he sees Bolton as an honest man. Kelly has been out of the White House for some time and had problems dealing with some of the staff members.

Nikki Haley is also honest and, in her memoir, she said John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, both Democrats, tried to recruit her to undermine the President. Kelly didn’t deny it exactly. He said, “If providing the President with the best and most open legal advice from across the government so he can make an informed decision is ‘working against Trump’, then guilty as charged.”

Haley shot back that she was very accurate in her description. In an appearance on Fox & Friends, she gave a detailed description of how they behaved.

Allegedly, Kelly wasn’t on speaking terms with the President when he left the White House.

We admire John Kelly very much, but we don’t think he was suited to continue as the President’s chief of staff. His views were not in line with the President’s views. The same goes for Rex Tillerson, and John Bolton, a war hawk.

Desperate Nadler wants everyone who doesn’t like the President to serve as a witness, but look at how Republicans were shut out in the House.

Watch, listen to the bills that are not coming to the floor because of impeachment:



    • Jerry “Fred Flintstone” Nadler along with Schifty and Cry baby Schumer will call witnesses just to prolong this free political campaign AD. Strange how these liberals are dictating who the Republicans can call as witnesses, if this even happens. The Republicans had better hold their ground and someone has to talk to these RINOS who are on the fence.

  1. Cut The Crap. This BS has gone on far too long by these goldbricking liberal/Marxist ass0’s They are a waste of taxpayers money, time, and patience as they continue to pursue their maniacal, vindictive, insane obsession. The damning dems are the ones who need to be removed, like an infected rotting abscess. they will infect and destroy an entire body if not removed and destroyed first. The sick irony is, Nads, the Obease,container of hate can’t control his neurotic appetite not only for food but for vengeance and control. The blob is out of control and unfit to serve anything but another heaping plate full anger, hate and and a side order of overflowing stupidity.

  2. Nadler needs to watch the footage from the McCain funeral where Kelly turns around and stares down Lindsey Graham. Lindsey peed himself a little bit. It’s must see TV.

  3. OMG, are you kidding me? he wants him to be a witness when he wasn’t even around? just because he said he said Bolton is not lying? this is beyond insane

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