Nancy Pelosi Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for J6


Clown World! Nancy Pelosi received the Presidential Medal of Freedom For Her Actions on January 6. We have no idea what she said in her efforts to protect or not protect the Capitol on January 6 since all her communications were sealed. The National Guard was not allowed in for hours and only when it was too late, and she was responsible for protecting the Capitol.

Chief Sund called her several times but Pelosi said he hadn’t called when she told him to step down.

She conveniently happened to have her daughter there and was ready to make a movie about the event she had probably encouraged or let happen.

The film looked staged.

Gateway Pundit has a video of Nancy’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, admitting J6 was not an insurrection.

From one liar, Joe Biden, to another liar, Nancy Pelosi, this all makes sense:

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