New group tells media what they can’t report about Biden’s running mate


A new group, We Have Her Back, is comprised of far-far left agitators — all women — including Valerie Jarrett (the Obamas’ close friend), Planned Parenthood and NARAL, Emily’s List, Times Up, and others. They sent out an absurd, and stunning memo.

The group put the memo together as we “embark on a historic moment — once again — having a woman on the presidential ticket.”

After bloviating about George Floyd and regurgitating the weaponization of black and brown women, they listed all the things they don’t want to hear from News Division Heads, Editors in Chiefs, Bureau Chiefs, Political Directors, Editors, Producers, Reporters, and Anchors.

How is that acceptable? These far-left women are telling the media — the news — what they are allowed to say. The media will acquiesce.

This is a list of some of the forbidden news reports:

  • Reporting on a woman’s ambition as though the very nature of seeking political office, or any higher job for that matter is not a mission of ambition
  • Relationships with partners, staff, colleagues and donors are characterized differently if the woman is not seen as subservient or supportive
  • Reporting on whether a woman is liked (a subjective metric at best) as though it is news when the “likeability” of men is never considered a legitimate news story.
  • Reporting, even as asides in a story, on a woman’s looks, weight, tone of voice, attractiveness and hair is sexist news coverage unless the same analysis is applied to every candidate
  • Reporting on questions of electability of women is, in itself, a perpetuation of a stereotype about the ability of women to lead
  • Reporting on doubts women may not be qualified leaders even when they have experience equal to or exceeding male leaders
  • Reporting on the heritage of Black women or women of color perpetuates a misunderstanding about who is legitimately American
  • Reporting on and using pictures of a woman’s, particularly black women, show of anger at injustice or any other kind of passion in communication perpetuates racist tropes that suggest unfairly that women are too emotional or irrational in their leadership or worse “hate America”

That’s very helpful. Now I’ll know what to report on.

They don’t want anyone to mention that Kamala got ahead by sleeping with a powerful married politician — Willie Brown.

Apparently, we can’t discuss how disliked she is personally or how her father said she’s descended from slave dealers and owners. We can’t discuss the fact that she’s not a typical Black American and had a very easy upbringing. — no inner city for her. It’s probably taboo to even mention her shifting her views 180 degrees to get the job.

They are simply silencing the media, and the media will cooperate.

The leftists destroyed Sarah Palin with ad hominem attacks but the reverse can’t be true.  They mocked her religion, her looks, intelligence, education, her children, where she came from, and on and on.

The feminists who wrote the memo are not for all women, just politically advantageous women, just women who fit the narrative. They see them as a tool. These feminists are just far-left liberals, not pro-women.


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3 years ago

The new “equality” is treating people unequally in the name of equality. It is all the rage.

3 years ago

Certainly don’t want to air the dirty laundry of the “casting couch” vp candidate. What is left to report on when it comes to this one.
The phrase “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind. She is still gonna have a lot of baggage attached to her, mostly aired in her climb to get where she is presently. The honest media, very few remaining, just needs to keep airing it ’til the election.
Gonna be interesting to see what pops up in the next few months. But, I’m sure, ol’ Val Jarrett will take care of any negative reports in the usual lefty fashion. If not a bullet to the head, probably complete banishment from view and cancellation of their careers. If possible. Ok, its the 0zero puppetmaster heading up the crew. Think about it.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

They and the “faeces nosed” MSM can go to Hades….

Dee Dee
3 years ago

No need to worry about “Forbidden Reports.” Kamala’s record will speak for itself – loud and clear.

3 years ago